Personal registration of Chinese domain name is a large number of users have been hoarding a lot of

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"Chinese personal website will become history", "can not only spend money to buy a bottle of beverage to register a website with the domain name!" yesterday morning at 9, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) off the personal domain name registration, only to the enterprise users. Many netizens sigh, "cheap" domain name registration disappear. However, the reporter learned that the personal registration of Chinese domain names are banned, but the individual users can still register.COM and other international domain names, to achieve the goal of opening a personal website.

personal registration of international domain name is not affected

noon yesterday, the reporter wanted to register a personal.CN domain name to call the China Internet network information center. The staff informed, all ".CN" registered users must comply with the notice and notice in the application of three kinds of documents (application form, stamped with the official seal of the domain name registration business license or registration certificate of organization code, contact identity) are indispensable.

reporter yesterday to call the new network, two large network domain registrar, the staff said they will be in strict accordance with the implementation of domain name registration method. A million staff even corrected, "domain name registration is not to stop, but never allow personal domain name registration. Provisions: CN domain name registration must be an independent civil liability organization. But for a long time, the provisions have not been effectively implemented."

many users also posted that the scope of this announcement is not broad, we can register.COM or.NET and other domain names to open the site. Compared to the international domain name, ‘.CN’ is the advantage of cheap a few dollars a year, if you really want to do a website, but also care about the money?

reporter was informed that the rectification of CNNIC two blocks. One is for users who have applied for CN domain name, CNNIC will focus on reviewing the domain name refers to the site jurisprudence or engage in other illegal acts. The other is for a new domain name.

but even more so that many users are concerned, if the individual has registered the.CN domain name, whether it will be blocked in the review storm. In this regard, the source said that the current review of the jurisprudence for illegal behavior, if the individual has registered the domain name, the use of legitimate purpose, the legitimate interests of these users will be protected.

rice farmers hoarding domain

it is reported that as of the end of 2008,.CN domain name accounted for 80.7% of the domestic market share of the Internet domain name, is well deserved leader. But reporters found that the actual utilization rate is not high enough. January 2009, China Internet development statistics report, the report shows that 13 million 570 thousand.CN domain name, only 221 to build a website, utilization rate of only 16.3%.

reporter learned that, now store hundreds.

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