Ministry of Commerce issued a document to encourage the store to open the shop will organize electri

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news (reporter Shen Wei Qing Lin Ling, the Ministry of Commerce) yesterday issued "on promoting the implementation of the views of the application of electronic commerce" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), which proposed ten measures to boost the development of e-commerce enterprises. Which proposed that by 2015, China’s e-commerce transactions to make more than 18 trillion yuan.

will organize the electricity supplier to do online promotions

said the "opinions", to adhere to market-oriented, with enterprises as the main body, the use of market mechanisms to optimize the allocation of resources, the region to develop e-commerce development policies, focusing on the development of retail, cross-border trade of agricultural products, and the service life of the field of electronic commerce.

in recent years has increasingly become the online shopping dressing room department stores and other traditional retail enterprises, the Ministry of Commerce to encourage them to open shop, online and offline resources complementary and collaborative applications.

spokesman Shen Danyang said the Ministry of Commerce, the double 11 during the network is not only gratifying retail performance. Implementation of the affirmation of the double 11 such promotions, said the organization will be electricity providers and traditional retail enterprises to promote the purpose of promoting the purpose of network consumption for various types of online shopping promotion.

"opinions" also proposed that the production enterprises and foreign trade enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises to use cross-border e-commerce to carry out foreign trade to provide the necessary policy and financial support. The country will also encourage the electricity supplier companies (including third party e-commerce platform, financing guarantees, logistics and distribution of various types of service companies) go out, set up service institutions abroad.

electricity supplier infrastructure needs to support the most

e-commerce development in recent years by leaps and bounds. 2012, China’s total e-commerce transactions exceeded 8 trillion yuan, an increase of 31.7%.

Analysys International analyst Li Zhi said, according to the speed of the development of electronic commerce is normal, does not need the support of the government, to 2015 to achieve the target of 18 trillion. Li Zhi believes that the current e-commerce is the most need to support infrastructure, especially logistics and personnel training, which is the two largest e-commerce short board. Secondly, the government should regulate the operation of mature e-commerce enterprises, including after-sales service, as well as the tax system.

there are concerns in the industry, the government may also support the reaction force. In this regard, Li Zhi said that when the tube is tube, improper tube is letting go. For example, the mature electronic commerce enterprise and industry, the government should improve the regulatory norms, the buyer’s shopping experience; but for agricultural products in the electronic commerce the newly emerging field, should be bold to let go, let the enterprise to explore their own development.

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