Why Tencent acquisition domain weixin com way so tortuous

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

renamed China (eName.cn) April 13th news, today exposed a heavy message, the domain name weixin.com changed to eight digit in today, the domain name has jump 9 seconds community. According to the whois information has been basically follow it, sure that the buyer is Tencent Inc.


figure: domain name weixin.com jump page

by the finding that weixin.com belongs to 9miao.com, the current domain name for the acquisition of Qinglong figure Network Technology Co. Ltd., a WeChat development community, and corporate shareholders in Qinglong figure is Shenzhen City Tong Industrial Investment Fund Limited, the relevant sources, the investment company is an investment company controlled by Tencent. Why Tencent in such a tortuous way to acquire domain name weixin.com?

first, as China’s Internet giant Tencent, the fall, and the domain name weixin.com in the domain of investment has long time. "Chinese had" Tencent the acquisition of WeChat’s domain name "title, interviewed a lot of domain name investors, which is not mentioned, the Tencent’s acquisition of WeChat domain, but worried that the seller a big opening. The name of the company under the guise of the other away WeChat domain name, it is a matter of expediency.

second, WeChat is a Tencent’s star product, the international version of WeChat is using a domain name wechat.com, but in China, the two level domain weixin.qq.com WeChat still use Tencent, seem a bit shabby. The status of WeChat’s acquisition of weixin.com, domain name like WeChat, the brand name "" don’t protect up to


and, in the name of other companies to buy the domain name weixin.com is also Tencent’s own privacy protection. Neither is a high-profile, and declared the ownership of the domain name. It looks like a Tencent, to acquire the twists and turns of the important domain, but also had to let people sigh: it is wily.

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