The lottery website to make money shady a flicker a black hundreds of thousands

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

sequence: and a "powerful graph king cooperation alliance SEO lottery Cup" activities, attracted a condemning, wondering in the graph king show, the lottery website too many swindlers, others regard you as a liar site. It’s been too long in this industry. Write out some swindlers website in this industry how money thing, and we exchange.

First of all,

stressed that you do not go to school! Hide again, also can call to catch up. Xuzhou police arrested 4 lottery fraud website operators before January.

lottery website fraud routines very old-fashioned: simply tell you, here we have experts, an insider in the lottery, as long as you are willing to pay, can get the winning number or forecast. And they are a serial of flicker, first called you several hundred yuan in the past, then what the director of the center for you, how many million fee, and then to secure data transfer fees, fees what, in this way, suddenly a man down, hundreds of thousands of black hand.

is such a simple trick. I think all the webmaster friends can not be fooled. Logic is too simple: you can know the winning number tomorrow, why not buy lottery tickets, but also sell what ah!

however, the lottery groups have their own characteristics.

, group wide, lottery, saying, what birds have, as can a flicker of hundreds of thousands.

two, now people in social groups or dominated by low-end. This is closely related to China’s lottery mechanism. Actually。 Lottery lottery network knowledge is relatively thin. They are easily fooled.

three, people are greed, before winning temptation, a lot of logical thinking are rigid, gullible, especially old people in buying lottery tickets.

four, the construction of these black sites are also very realistic.

1,   all are the Chinese lottery, lottery center.

2,   telephone number is in front of the (in fact, is a IP phone, fake Beijing phone).

3,   the address of the company is inside the China Fucai Center building in Beijing (where is such a building.).

4,   the contact is the director of the * * * (you have to associate with the director of the lottery center!).

5,   the registered capital of the company are tens of millions (as well as pictures, ICP card, business license map).

6,  , as well as the National Lottery Center issued a "permit for the prediction" (the world where there is such a card ah)

7,   are listed in front of several winning record (the record is not for them to say, fake)

8,   a >

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