Qian Hualin generic top level domain name culture still needs several years

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Qian Hualin


technology news May 17th afternoon, Qian Hualin, chief scientist of Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Network Information Center said today on Sina Technology, generic top-level domain (gTLD) in the cultural work is advancing, the final completion of There’s no telling when can estimate, but it will take years to less.

April 23rd, ICANN announced". China enters into the stage of technical implementation through rapid channel policy review. This also means that after ten years of struggle, the Chinese language can be formally used in the national and regional code top-level domain name (ccTLD).

in fact, the concept of Chinese domain was first proposed several Chinese Singapore, because Chinese and ASCII code is far the most difficult solution in the process of promoting it in words, variant or variants. Chinese domain name we see progress is slow, or that foreign fast, Qian Hualin said.

he is optimistic that the Chinese domain name mail system will be able to get rapid development. Li Xiaodong, deputy director of CNNIC news confirmed that the Chinese domain name of the mail system will be put into use at the end of the fastest.

at the same time, according to Qian Hualin revealed that the generic top-level domain (such as.Com, gTLD,.Net) in the cultural work is advancing, but he also admitted that the current Sina Technology of this work will eventually There’s no telling when completed.

"ICANN (Internet domain name and authority) who are very cautious," said Qian Hualin ICANN made a very slow decision. He pointed". China "application took five or six years, and can be used in Chinese gTLDs is slow fast a year or so, it was possible to seven or eight years.

In addition, Qian Hualin stressed that as a result of Japan and other countries also use Chinese or Chinese variants of the word, the future will face the problem of how to distinguish the Chinese top-level domain name,

and other issues. (Meng Hong)

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