The rise of civil network forces to help countries solve employment difficulties

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

this year, Chinese college graduates will reach a record 6 million 100 thousand, and by the international economic environment of the macro economy, Chinese employment situation facing the hitherto unknown pressure, in order to alleviate the pressure of employment, employment promotion mechanism, the process of development, as the important part of the introduction of "National skills revitalization plan formulated the grand goal in the near future: 10 years, 100 technicians and support national college staff training center 600 senior technical schools, 800 enterprises and 3000 studio master skills upgrading from hardware and software to build mention, high skilled talents training base and training platform.

at the same time, human resources and social security department will be part of the responsibility of "decentralization" to the network of private training institutions, hoping to help the government by non-governmental organizations to further improve the public employment service people, strengthen the occupation skill training.

, a reporter from the Shanghai public training network ( learned that the site acts as a bridge between government agencies and employment personnel, through the cooperation of enterprises and work units and government training, provides a comprehensive and abundant employment training opportunities for the unemployed, the website started since March 2009 in Shanghai has formed a scale and local the influence of certain, on its website will be the first time to update and recommend HP training information from government departments, is the household staff do not charge any fees for the Shanghai certificate of qualified occupation, also get awarded by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of labor. Moreover, as a public welfare organization, the site can also be transferred through the training of personnel to the cooperative enterprises to give priority to recommend, which is one of the most important job seekers of human capital.

it is understood that this kind of private employment agencies are assisted to spark Liaoyuanzhishi spread across the country a number of large and medium-sized city, but also the need for this in the two or three line of the city has been highlighted, at present, Chinese Development Research Foundation has made contact and human resources and social security, Ministry of education, Department of the Central Committee and other relevant departments, to strive for more the policy and resource support, to jointly promote the employment promotion mode.

according to the relevant survey data show that about 50% of the students are willing to participate in employment training, the main reason is not willing to participate in the training content and form is due to the lack of understanding, trust, the training institutions at the same time, remove the hope to get free training outside, students can accept the price concentrated in 50-200 yuan. This shows that the university students employment training market has great potential, and the third party to the strange training institutions recognized and that will make more in a wait state of college students choose to employment training by charging curve.

in addition, 85% of the students have no common business website or forum, entrepreneurship, employment training institutions, more than half of the students do not trust can choose other small part of other institutions, other social business website or newspapers. This means that the community should be introduced into the authority of institutions such as government agencies and institutions with good reputation

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