E lease illegal fund raising 50 billion Truth survey false items false three party false guarantee

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e rent treasure case, after the media investigation has surfaced, in a year and a half to absorb about 50000000000 yuan of illegal funds, the victims of investors across the country’s 31 provinces. January 14th, the attention of the e rental treasure platform of 21 people involved in Beijing prosecutors approved the arrest.


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after the investigation, from July 2014 e to December 2015 rent treasure on the line was closed, "Yucheng" related criminal suspects with high interest as bait, fictional leasing project, adopted by the new old, self guarantee etc. a large number of illegal absorb public funds, the cumulative transaction amounted to about 70000000000 yuan. Police initially identified, "e rent treasure" the actual absorption of funds more than 500 yuan, involving about 900 thousand investors.

false items, false three party, false guarantee:

so how do these criminals do it? In fact, e is an out of pocket Ponzi scheme. "E rent treasure announced its business model by the group’s financial leasing company signed an agreement with the item company, and then transferred to the financing creditor’s rights in the" e rent treasure on the platform in the form of fabiao; financial capital, item company to pay rent for leasing companies, leasing companies to pay return and principal investor.

police, under normal circumstances, the project financial leasing companies earn spreads, while the platform to earn intermediary costs; however, the "e rent treasure from the beginning of a" sleight of hand "scam, the so-called financial leasing project is more in name than in reality. We fictitious financing projects, the money transferred to the lessee, and the lessee benefits, and then transferred to the company’s funds to the relevant companies, in order to achieve the purpose of misappropriation of facts." E rent treasure relevant responsible person said, they spent more than 800 million yuan to buy item company and intermediaries to buy information.

according to the people’s Bank and other departments issued on the promotion of the healthy development of Internet financial guidance, the network platform for information intermediary services, can not set up a pool of funds, does not provide credit guarantee. According to the police investigation, "e rent treasure will absorb to money to" borrow "the third party payment platform in the form of a self into pools of capital, equivalent to the funds from the left pocket on the right pocket"".

moreover, Yucheng group (e rent PO) but also controlled 3 Guarantee Corporation and a factoring company, to guarantee e rent treasure project. Professor Li Aijun of China University of Political Science and Law School of civil and economic law said that if the platform for the introduction of guarantee institutions related to creditors, will bring great risk.

high yield low risk commitment trap:

1 yuan from the cast, ready to redeem, high-yield low-risk." This is the "e rent treasure" widely publicized slogan. Many investors said they are to "e rent treasure guaranteed security interest, flexible withdrawal commitment to be deceived. Reporters learned that, e>

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