2011 online shopping seven economic highlights

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pro, the audience post Oh, such a popular word has long been popular in the network, just like online shopping has changed the way we consume, become an integral part of our lives. In 2011, although there are also some "disharmonious" event, due to fraud and security problems of the network shopping market more and more, resulting in a decline in consumer confidence has become the main obstacle to payment and logistics problems in rapid development of online shopping market outside the block. But in this year, we can see that the rapid development of China’s online shopping economy. Next, we will take a look at the inventory of domestic online shopping in 2011, the seven aspects of the economy:

1, online shopping has become the main consumer channel

at the end of June 2011, China’s online shopping users reached 173 million, the use rate increased to 35.6%, the first half of 2011, 7.6% user growth, online shopping is becoming the main consumption channel more consumers. In Beijing, for example, statistics show that only the first three quarters, the city’s e-commerce sales on more than two hundred million single, an increase of about 75% over the same period last year. The data from Taobao is even more alarming: in the first half of this year, more than 1 million per month Taobao consumers spend more than $5000 online. Many buyers living are almost solved in online shopping.


2, online shopping users age diversification

and compared to previous years, the 2011 online shopping army is more diverse, in the past away from the network of parents, grandparents who have also started online shopping. Data obtained from Taobao show that the current age of 60 years old Taobao users have nearly 100 thousand people, compared with young users, they buy more health care products, home appliances, household items.

3, buy network emerge

in the first half of 2011, the number of Chinese users to buy from 2010 at the end of increased to 42 million 200 thousand in 2011, a half year growth rate of up to 125%. Since 2010 China appeared in group purchase service website, the rapid increase in the number, which is "cheaper" as the main selling point of the group purchase network has become a new bright spot in 2011 emerge in an endless stream, network consumption. Although even criticized by the dragons and fishes jumbled together, but the group purchase this model caters to the needs of users of the service of goods, to fill the gaps in the market.

4, the vertical development of online shopping economy

2009-2010 online shopping users experienced rapid growth period, the Chinese online shopping market is the transformation and upgrading, from dragons and fishes jumbled together market model to the era of the brand, the quality of the competition. In the first half of 2011, in the B2C shopping mall business expansion, while a number of vertical, personalized boutique shopping sites also ushered in new opportunities for development.

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