Burn is the transition period of cross border electricity supplier parcel tax free Nengcheng long

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The implementation of

system has become a new cross-border cross-border electricity supplier in a new round of war burn. According to the cross-border tax deal, including food and beverage, milk powder, diapers and other commodity prices compared with the previous tax increases, many cross-border electronic business platform for the opportunity to play "tax package" brand to attract consumers. Insiders said that the essence of "tax package" is to let consumers, enterprises to attract users to expand market share. After the tax reform, cross-border electricity subsidy war is inevitable, but will only be short-term behavior.

tax hike does not increase

originally thought that the implementation of the new tax system after the purchase of imported milk powder prices will improve a lot, but compared to what seems to be no change." Often through cross-border electricity supplier platform to buy goods Lee said. Ms. Lee’s discovery is not accidental. Beijing Daily reporter survey found that the implementation of the new cross-border electricity system, the majority of commercial platform for cross-border electricity supplier tax and postage are described, but mostly in the settlement will be given exemption.

even after the "cross-border tax reform after the implementation of commodity prices will rise," the news spread but after April 8th, raise a Babel of criticism of, a lot of cross-border business platform commodity prices did not rise significantly, but individual commodity prices declined. Such as honey bud sales of the "Merries L54 × Kao diapers; 3" from the April 6th price of 412 yuan to 408 yuan; sales of the "babe network Aptamil milk powder imported from Germany 2+600g× 3 (over 24 months) after the price is 319 yuan, the query for the price of 309 yuan yesterday.

according to the cross-border tax reform policy, "cancel the import VAT tax shall be exempted from the consumption tax, the tax payable shall be temporarily by the statutory 70% levy". For milk, diapers and other baby products 500 yuan, from the previous tax exemption to a 11.9% increase in value-added tax. Insiders said that after the implementation of the new deal, some low amount of the cost of goods prior to the purchase of consumers really can be improved, but the enterprise through the tax package, shipping and other preferential policies can influence changes bring users to reduce the tax costs.

subsidies grab market

"your taxes, we contracted." The implementation of new cross-border taxation, vip.com, jackfruit, koala sea purchase and other cross-border electricity supplier NetEase have shot, playing the "tax package" brand. Such as vip.com launched only product international shipping activities, jackfruit, NetEase koala sea purchase launch "tax package ticket", "tariff subsidy vouchers" breaks the single user tax expense.

paramita co-founder Xu Sheng said that the national tax on cross-border goods is sure of cross-border electricity supplier industry from the policy, but for consumers, the most concern is the commodity prices will not rise. Cross border electricity supplier in China but the rise of more than a year, spending habits have not yet fully developed, the company launched the package tax campaign is to continue to cultivate the consumer market.

consumers whether or not to pay taxes on goods, the most concerned about is the final pricing. >

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