Buy site by the Philippine island of Huangyan in the event of a day to push the hype

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

in the Philippines Huangyan Island incident to buy the site to bring the theme of speculation. Yesterday, a group buying site launched a day tour Huangyan buy lottery, all of a sudden attracted nearly 70 thousand users involved. However, the industry believes that affected by a variety of factors, the current Huangyan island tourism is basically impossible. The site is also closed in the afternoon yesterday, the group bought.

was attracted nearly 70 thousand people

"while running, waving the five-star red flag, and then stop staring at the vast blue in the red." Yesterday morning, a group buying site launched a day tour Huangyan buy lottery, sought after by users, all of a sudden attracted nearly 70 thousand people involved. But there are also netizens question, how to go to Huangyan island? An unsafe?

in this regard, the site in the group purchase page that first day, the winner is located to Hainan Sanya Phoenix Airport, local accommodation; second days morning by a maritime yacht starting to arrive at noon, Zhongsha Islands, off gas (about 6-8 hours), after the rest by the maritime boat to Huangyan Island (about 3-4 hours) in Huangyan. Island Tour finished to return the Zhongsha Islands (about 3-4 hours), one night stay on the island for third days by boat; maritime returning to Sanya from the Zhongsha Islands (about 6-8 hours).

it is understood that the winners will receive a full traffic including (aircraft, cars, ships), accommodation, tour guide, in addition to the website gave accident insurance, sent a flag (144cm× 96cm) and other handheld portable flagpole, send small flag side.

"I am not angry, never flaunt patriotism, I think the idea is not heavy, judging from the photos, the island of Huangyan is very beautiful, I want to try to go there for only a few days off, I just want to go to the South Chinese." The site on the buy page so wrote.

buy alleged hype

After the incident occurred in the island of Huangyan, Paracel Islands tourism development has become a hot topic for users, and even the possibility of the development of the island of proposed the development of Huangyan.

it is understood that the Hainan Provincial Tourism Commission is trying to develop tourism of Paracel Islands, coconut Princess cruise up to Paracel Islands in the day before the trial. However, the reporter learned that, when the official tour of Paracel Islands tourism line, the parties did not have a clear statement. At present, there have been through the tour pal replenishment ship, fishing boats and other parts of transport ships, even to Paracel Islands, the Zhongsha islands. Insiders said that the island is basically impossible to travel to Huangyan.

"to the island of Huangyan tourism is not eligible, visitors are unlikely to reach the island of Huangyan." Deputy Secretary General of Hainan Province, Sanya City Tourism Association chairman Xie Xiangxiang introduction, at present to the island of Huangyan in addition to ships, warships, marine and fishery law enforcement vessels, there is approved, the record of fishing vessels.

industry insiders, if by ordinary government vessels from Sanya to Huangyan Island, about more than and 30 hours, fishing >

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