Pharmaceutical companies have entered into a micro vendor to sell tea

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

[Reuters] news billion state power in May 7th, early in April this year, the correct medicine to enter the micro business news began to spread, but the billion state power network has learned, the actual current leading pharmaceutical business is in the micro correction around the subsidiary, and non Pharmaceutical Group headquarters.

view billion state power network related news, the earliest public involved in derivative correction subsidiary company is located in Hangzhou "health drinks company, public information, correction of health drinks company was founded in March 2014, headquartered in Hangzhou, mainly engaged in health drink, health drink, health industry and related investment business operations. The public announcement of the news said that the derivative product modification group to health care, health, health, slimming products.

in the near future, correction pharmaceutical’s subsidiary "amendments to the health of Beijing science and technology limited company" to billion state power network said it will formally enter the micro market, and products with health care, health and diet health products. However, the company’s micro business official said, its micro business products will be amended with the Hangzhou subsidiary of the product area. The person in charge, the first micro oriented products have been identified as a health tea, retail price of 98 yuan.

Beijing correction Health Technology Co., Ltd., said the company has set up a micro business operations center and the Beijing Institute of micro business, to enter the micro market to do a good job marketing and after-sales support. At present, the company has set up a team of about tens of thousands of agents.

the two companies have publicly said that the move will enter the micro business chaos micro district health care products clean for a long time, many substandard products out of the micro business district".


billion state power network linked to the pharmaceutical executives and market related headquarters responsible person, the person said is not involved in derivative correction pharmaceutical headquarters decision-making, but the sub company, and that will not interfere with correction headquarters subsidiaries. As for the revised Pharmaceutical Group headquarters for micro business attitude, the person in charge did not make a positive response.

Beijing correction Health Technology Co., Ltd., said the revised headquarters is also focused on micro business to do business.

According to

billion state power network to understand, pharmaceutical group is a veteran of the domestic pharmaceutical companies, the sales model has been "bun", also is the sales level of a contracting out, including provincial, municipal, county and township level contract contract contract. In this contract system, the cost of all levels are their own plans, and make money is their own, so the revised sales team has more vitality and flexibility than other pharmaceutical companies.

and fix the exposure of micro business, most of them are responsible for the sale of subsidiaries around the dominant. It is reported that the correction for a total of about more than and 70 subsidiaries, in addition to the above mentioned in Beijing, two in Hangzhou, whether there are other subsidiaries in the micro business, is a mystery.

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