A confession letter from the trash site

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

      when the first project in college time is to deceive the QQ chat room tens of thousands of Internet users. QQ online chat room average daily traffic of tens of thousands of people, millions, a female QQ in Riga advertising address form and we use QQ chat room men love women see this characteristic made out data, to obtain a high flow rate, the first wealth is Wangzhuan my life.

visitors – look at the QQ in the chat room of the personal information – found that the site – enter the site – mobile phone advertising registration – website profit. Features: high flow (a QQ can enter the three chat rooms, a chat room one day traffic in the tens of thousands of times, a machine can hang 30 chat rooms, that is to say a machine every day propaganda object is about 300 thousand people, but every 10-20 has a talent will be go to the site to attract. Because the QQ chat room crowd is lonely crowd, natural beauty advertising or mobile phone registration of the registration of the ratio of the advertising than ordinary people to be about 30 times higher. I registered a mobile phone registered Wangzhuan alliance advertising, registered every day is not a lot, 200 months. The daily income is 1000. Due to the relatively low technical content, a lot of people see also done, the income is relatively low. I want to continue to force the Wangzhuan way deceive users more advanced.

10 days later. I have come up with creative ways to wangzhuan. Looking for a young female friend to take the QQ. After the operation, a number of open 3 rooms, landing 3 No. 9 rooms can be set, to allow anyone to add me as a friend, there will be a lot of men opened after the stampede in the QQ state, make custom written replies, I want to see the video, passion first to my website to register and then you can watch my show, 30 minutes, put forward some requirements prohibit metamorphosis during watching, or directly kicked out of the chat room! If not assured, please watch the video for a minute, I let a female friend sitting in your pajamas in front of the camera, (photo is her, very simple picture, wearing pajamas slightly low cut a little, then looked at the website of people then asked to see if you are not I registered you can open Let him take a look, he will believe 100%, will go directly to the registration, and then I found his cell phone number in the background of the union after he finished the registration can be directly linked to the black list or chat with him for a while.. This is the actual amount of registered Wangzhuan earn, evening from 2 p.m. to 6 at night to earn 1000 yuan. This, only use the QQ video function, he did not build real video chat rooms, but only ordinary network friends watching, so I don’t worry about related to the law, Hefei has a free day income of more than 5000, by the two generation, he is using this method looking for a good, a few women, only women can chat, this can be through their own social relations to find, easy to find, I was the first to test this method is only to give my sister said.

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