Don’t pay Everything is nothing Secret travel vertical search really make money

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

online booking convenience and fast and cheap, more and more consumer recognition. At present in the domestic large and small have hundreds of travel query website, with so many website users, how to choose? Where network ( official told reporters in an interview: vertical travel search site is actually pseudo search, the travel vertical search described as chaos.

chaos of only paying users to display the search results


in some large vertical travel search sites free to search several well-known local ticket agent these sites were not significant, where the network responsible person told the reporter, the default only paying good provider site only in the vertical travel search website show machine this is the unspoken rule in the industry, and foreign known to provide search providers up to hundreds, in fact provides multi display manufacturers, users click on the provider for more, more vertical travel search sites are more and more profits by providers pay the costs also increased, these extra promotion costs will be passed on to the consumer’s head, brings to consumer cost unnecessary expenditure.

chaos two provider profit sources of unfair

It is reported that

, due to the profit of each ticket provider site mostly or all let out, plus each ticket 10-20 yuan / Zhang CPC provider unprofitable, so some providers often transform the site name in customer refund can not find the original payment provider, customer refund without the door, let alone and on the high cost of promotion commission unprofitable even lose money, can only earn customer refund fees to support themselves.

chaos three sites on the loss of customers do not assume any responsibility for

according to the relevant statistics, through the existing travel search sites with annual sales of nearly one million tickets, each ticket to 600-800 yuan, up to find 5% of the rate of customer provider refund refund, the annual consumer loss up to hundreds of millions of dollars, this kind of search engine website is that day, one side is the devil, for users to save and a considerable loss, security, domestic search engine website on search result correctness, timeliness, validity is not guaranteed, nor to compensate the loss of users, customers are the physical and mental damage is irreparable.

for more chaos, where the network responsible person told the reporter, where every day will receive a lot of passengers can not find businesses refund inquiries telephone complaints. Where network as a well-known travel search portal, in the choice of partners in the choice of ticket agents to the supplier whether there are certain legal qualification checks are extremely strict, and where the network has its own civil aviation ticket agent qualification, since on-line fake tickets and no refund as zero complaint.

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