Electricity price war to expand its influence into the store online price first group

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A recent

8· report; 15 overwhelming, because of coverage, the electricity supplier price war has become a common topic of choice at leisure age, by 20, 30, 50 to 40 extension. Even radiation to the 60 year old population. In recent years, Chengdu Suning Suning opened promotional activities, but encouraged by their children, the elderly are more rational purchase, began to accept the electronic shopping this new way of shopping. Electricity supplier price war is undoubtedly affected the e-commerce form, but also affected the people’s shopping habits.

store shopping online will check the price of

Chenghua District district is a standard 50 uncle Liao, although the economic condition is superior, but through the famine period, thrifty. Uncle Liu on his own time to buy a 42 inch LED TV brand to buy something expensive, categorically unacceptable. Online price of 4200 yuan, the store to buy the price of $5080, the entire cost of $880. For this matter, has been frugal uncle Liu tangled for a long time.

Liao uncle has been a profound lesson, after all, before shopping, will use the phone or computer equipment will be the price of their inquiries, and then into the store to buy. Or simply holding the terminal equipment with the online price that. Therefore, the store price tag seems to have completely lost the role, just a decoration, experts said, the 8.15 price war touched the nerve of consumers, the traditional home appliance stores, is undoubtedly a reality version of "2012",

online shopping to change the traditional home appliance stores

entered the Chengdu Chenghua District GOME stores, can be seen with a large screen mobile phone like consumers, this is 99% while online to check the price, while bargain. Often more than the price, the salesperson can give some benefits, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Store relevant responsible person: network sales is the trend. Network sales in the future may be further combined with the entity chain business model, complement each other as complement."

8· 15 price war is not only to change the benefits, but also to change the consumer shopping process, so that the price is more transparent, the price fell to a reasonable position.

8· 15 before, more in the elderly, shopping or in the United States, Suning, five star stores, compared to the price, but because the channel to grasp the strict, often buy goods is not a real benefit. The electricity supplier price war, the development of e-commerce has become a lubricant.

everyone to usher in a new round of large electricity market challenges, whether or not to retain the 75.5% users to change the consumer behavior, we will optimize the marketing of electricity through the storm.

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