How to create an evergreen tree in the shopping website

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

with the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping, the term for the majority of Internet users are already familiar with it. As long as the Internet, the shuttle must be in the streets of the people. It can be said on the Internet B2B, C2C website, as long as the site of the Internet users, you can have a website of your own. Start doing business on the internet. Admittedly, these sites the excellent website is worth mentioning meet the eye everywhere, but the It is often seen. This is a large number of Internet users, especially for those who intend to shop online to bring a lot of questions, but which website is good, which site can be trusted. Obviously, regardless of the site builders or users, we need to know a good site where good, what kind of website is a good website?. How to create their own website into a shopping website evergreen tree?

so today I will watch some of our experience ( to share with you, to create an evergreen tree site should have something:

1: infrastructure

domain name selection, website production, the choice of space server. These I do not say that you should know the webmaster. In fact, these are their ability to display the platform. In other words, it is necessary to do a good house in a good location, it attracted everyone’s attention.

2: middle facility

here I think it should be something about the customer experience. Whenever you have to keep in mind: user priority. What is the significance of the site without the user’s patronage? What should we do?

A: even communications software. Such as online customer service, QQ, MSN, 53KF and so on. Let the customer know that this site is for you.

B: order phone. In the eye-catching position of the site, it is best to put on the top of the right side of your company’s order phone, it is best to apply for 400 phones, giving a feeling of the atmosphere. This is necessary to do a marketing website basic, network marketing achievements of many people, I hope you can achieve.

C: payment and delivery method:

all customers first time shopping on your site, there will be a preventive psychology. I give you the money, you will not be shipped to me? All we need to provide a safe mode of payment in sites such as Alipay, caifutong. For those who do not have to use these methods of payment, you have to be able to cash on the entire delivery (in their own site to display prominently).

D: Interactivity:

Internet is an important feature of interaction. A good home page must have a good interaction with the viewer, and it is felt that every step of his home is properly received. If necessary, you can add a E-mail mailbox to express ideas to increase interactivity. If you want someone else

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