Revive! Everyone to resume online film and television domain name yyets com recovery

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

renamed China ( December 11th news, micro-blog users broke the news, has been closed for nearly a month of everyone in the film, even in the days before the re opening of the domain name on the line, to restore access to the. Everyone film and television this time and how long to live? And after the domain name theft is indeed the subtitles group also opened a new domain name yesterday to restore access.


figure: everyone video

because of copyright issues forced the closure of all film and television, is death several times, even the dead. November 22nd, everyone announced the temporary closure of the film station, 28, the resumption of access, on the afternoon of 29, officially declared completely closed. However, in the belief that all of the people really do not want to film, to bid farewell to the stage of history, the film and television unexpectedly unexpected resurrection of the


access to the official website of the official domain name, the site has really been able to visit, but the LOGO has changed, the font from the original simplified into traditional. In addition, everyone in the early days of the film had intended to enable the domain name has been enabled, the site built with See everyone in the film is really dead, small series can not help to the pessimistic, everyone in the film and

can live long?In addition

, previously due to the domain name is stolen and shut down and subtitle group has also been in yesterday back online, but the website domain name from the original reduced to 5 letter domain name, according to the official micro-blog group and caption explanation for stolen domain cannot be retrieved, and had to re register a domain name, a domain name "rebirth".

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