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500friends: let the network business pre judgment user value network businesses in the marketing costs, most want to know is who most want to spend money, the most potential to become loyal users". The only way to make targeted advertising, discounts and other marketing tools to achieve the best results. 500friends, an American start-up company, has launched a platform for customer value assessment.


500friends concept is quite different: a college student just graduated from the potential value of the consumer, and a work for many years, successful middle-aged, their buying habits and ability is obviously a huge gap. So, how to determine whether a consumer will spend money, and most can spend much money? 500friends established a valuation model, through calculation, trying to match the different indicators, the consumer is divided into various grades and ranks".

deployment of 500friends products in the network business, once the user on its website registration and purchase of goods, 500friends will collect, organize and analyze all kinds of data, including gender, age, work, location, purchase price, shopping frequency and total consumption etc.. After a large number of users, 500frineds can generate a "consumer value evaluation model". As a result, when a new user is registered, its personal information (including social networking site data) will be crawled and classified, and with the previously established model match. This means that the new user before shopping, has been transferred to the special "class", and enjoy a variety of preferential and correspondence, such as a larger discount.

500friends CEO Justin · Yoshimura (Justin Yoshimura) was introduced. The operation mode of the service: "if you buy a necklace, then we can put your data (including what you bought, you talk about something at Facebook, as well as the websites you visit etc.) the best consumer model and Internet business the phase matching, and estimate the value of your. If you are judged to be a high-value user, your order will be given priority."

that sounds rather unpleasant: users are not shopping, their potential value has been determined, and access to different quality services. But 500friends believes that consumers should not be treated equally". It is not necessary for businesses to provide the maximum discount for all consumers, because they can not get the maximum profit. The company CEO Yoshimura pointed out that the purpose of 500friends is to allow businesses to provide quality services on the basis of the high value of the user to provide greater concessions in order to cultivate the loyalty of core users. In addition, 500friends will continue to adjust its value based on the behavior of consumers, to ensure the maximum accuracy of the whole system

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