The sixteenth domain name domain name city contest non 6 one double domain Com contest

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one, on the contest, do not explain, the earth people know! We all love a pit! There are wood!, do not explain, you know, for god horse we all love the kind of pit!, I go! Speechless my tears! Vulnerable vulnerable

ah!,,…… You have 6 double letters like pit lies?! wood! Wood! Now, let you show the awesome opportunity to


two, registration rules


domain name in order to give the majority of investors and investors a good exchange website shows a win-win platform, let more enterprises understand the importance of the domain name in the network brand strategy, improve the protection consciousness of the brand related domain name, domain name related increase access to its brand machine, vertical network brand portal "domain name city" ( the domain name and professional trading platform "easy referral network" ( jointly organized the 6 one "double domain.Com contest.

1, the contest only collect 6 double letters.Com domain name:

a, the domain name prefix must be 6 English letters double spelling is not made, Jianpin, not.

B, domain name suffix must be at the end of the.Com international top-level domain name.

2, participants must be members of the domain name city; domain name must be in easy medium mesh ( registration and sale. Each person could only offer 2 6 double letters.Com domain name entries.

3, the entry sent to: Dasai: (please sign: to @.


4, the entries from format:

mail Title: "non 6 one" double domain.Com contest

mail text:

a, the domain name (up to 6 reported 2 double letters.Com domain name)

B (domain name, profile profile as short as possible, not a long and minute statement)

C, the participants of the domain name city account

D, the domain name in the easy to participate in the network account

e, the real name of the participants, the real address, zip code, telephone number (very important, when the physical needs of prizes).

5, the domain name is prohibited to participate in the registration of political, indecent or other violations of national laws and regulations of the word.

6, please carefully in accordance with the requirements of the above registration. Did not apply for any one of the above requirements are not valid registration.

three, contest time

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