Technical ideas website hidden traps to sell the name of the patent fraud

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

dozens of yuan to buy tens of millions of dollars patent?

IT times especially Xin Fei

"0.8 yuan to obtain a patent, cheap and practical", "400 yuan to buy a patent CD, get rich is not a dream." Recently on the Internet, transfer, sell all kinds of ideas and technology web site again raging like a storm. A patent for thousands of yuan only a few cents can buy network ideas? How the mystery hidden? "IT times" the reporter made a survey.

technology patents into doubt

reporter in the search engine input "idea transfer", "technical CD-ROM" words, immediately jumped out of the long list of sites, there is the idea of the supermarket, money eyes, practical technology market network, etc.. Reporter login utility technology market network, saw the web page is full of the so-called creative ideas". Speak of the crystal flower, solar toys, needle free stapler, electromagnetic radiation eliminator, massage carpet…… No idea is introduced in detail on the page, only some attractive small ads, such as "the cost of each product can be sold 2 yuan, 10-20 yuan, high profits and so on, people want to obtain" technology ", to buy books or DVD cd. Among them, "10000 kinds of new exotic products and manufacturers supply," Guinness "new solar products Daquan" series of books, each 98 yuan, 68 yuan of cd. The website said, see the CD, "explained by senior experts personally hands-on demonstration, the whole operation process at a glance, even beginners can learn, use of technology can make money rich".


others have invested a lot of energy and money, you can buy so easily? The reporter pretending to buy the CD technology, contact the person in charge of a website. The other said, the price is low so that everyone can afford to buy, learn, they provide the technology and the CD will not be more than a few thousand dollars on the technical project is poor, and more value for money. When asked about these ideas and technology background, the person in charge said falteringly, some with high technology is introduced from the Institute for scientific research, technology research and development unit etc, including technical project now many units expensive training and transfer, there are also some website to open his own hair.

, the official also said that due to some technical materials without video materials, they learn for the convenience of users, also organized a special DV team shooting teaching, sometimes from other ideas acquired one or two discs, followed by a large number of burn. "Due to the limitations of some of the technical conditions of the camera, the image quality may not be satisfactory, but will not affect learning and use. The reporters found that they treat the transaction process is very cautious, only accept bank transfer payment and Alipay, but also required to pay back.

is a network trap

According to the

website selling the patented ideas, an expert of Shanghai intellectual property bureau analysis, don’t look at the idea of their own products website blew most is lost as if it were raining flowers. >

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