Ma Yun do Ali mother need any reason

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

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the video by TECHWEB CO produced with ZDNet zdnet. Chinese station editor to edit the text version, please be sure to retain all the reprint text.

Moderator: Fang Lei (TECHWEB technology broadband host)


guest: BINGSHU (ZDNET, IT comments on the implementation of planning famous blog Er


: Hello, good afternoon, today to introduce the guest is ZDNET bingshu.

Bing: Good afternoon, I have the honor to beauty video anchor bud together with you to talk about this IT storm, the IT today, she is actually a real arena. Why is she a quack? Because Mr. Jin Yong said, there is a place where there are rivers and lakes. So you say IT is not a river, it is not correct. Today, we say that the rivers and lakes thing, I do not know if you have not thought you have a square, we say that the big man ah.

: (laughs) I was a little disturbed.

Bing: what is the Alibaba not disturbed, Ma? He’s married too. What else can he do? We say to you today, not Alibaba, she is Ali mother. You know what I’ve been doing these 2 days?

side: do not know ah.

bean: I a notebook, lying on the world wide web, note the domain name was found, Ali series has all been registered, I want to register what Ali Ali, brother, sister, aunt ah what ali.

Fang: (laughs)


is Bing, was robbed, the reason is Lai Alibaba Ma, you think, ma he got things that have to have money, my father told my mother he’s born child, brother Ali, Ali, a sister, a second child, three fetal fetal, four fetal…… We return to the subject, said today is Ma Yun, why do mom? Need a reason? Does Ma Yun need a reason to do something?

ma do Taobao, need a reason? That’s not nice Alibaba is more lonely, you think he is a person’s life, lonely, the city of Beijing is so big, in the city of Hangzhou, you think you will have to get as pretty as a flower, a mom, you say it.

Fang: (laughs)

Bing: you don’t happy, don’t laugh, I want you to say this is to the point, the point is that Ali mother is mainly for Li Kaifu, who is Li Kaifu? Google Chinese president, Dr. Lee created a situation Chinese nearly two hundred years without the Internet, before doing international business to Chinese are not like this The climate does not suit one., eBay, YAHOO does not work. To Google this, Dr. Li Kaifu Lee of a mountain, a burst of applause.

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