Discuz A5 recommended Blue ideal login reminder

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June 15th webmaster network news: since Discuz! X2.5 officially released, the version on the platform, the characteristics of the modular by the webmaster. In particular, follow the Discuz! X2.5 released together with the Discuz! Application center, but also a steady flow of sophisticated equipment for the community, to strengthen the operation of the site!

as of mid June, Discuz! Application has increased to 1500 kinds of applications, there are more than 2100 developers and the development of the third party to join the team, there are more than 13 sites to install applications, the total number of installed more than 800 thousand times. In order to allow more owners to benefit, so that more high-quality applications to help webmasters operating site, Discuz! Admin5 network jointly organized by the special application of the recommended activities. Through the Discuz, the official evaluation results, the webmaster installation, comment on the heat, the regular screening for some of the top quality applications.


figure: Discuz! Application Center

Discuz! And Admin5 this period is recommended for the webmaster is a popular application – Blue ideal login reminder:


figure: Discuz! Admin5 jointly organized the "application recommendation" activities

blue ideal login reminder application:

use: according to the serious recent ones stealing the advertising, the forum for users to install the application, self correction, early detection and change the password. Function highlights: 1) security login reminder. Imitation QQ login prompt box style, login 7 seconds from the lower right corner of the pop-up login information and the last login IP and time and retain the last seven landing information, can effectively prevent ID theft. 2) the location is eye-catching and does not affect the user focus. Combined with the location of the recommended position, the location is eye-catching and will not affect the timely push notice, events, promotions, advertising and other information, will not waste the user’s attention focus. 3) green environmental protection, no pollution. The application is pure green, installation and uninstall will not damage the original structure of the site.

application address: http://s.addon.discuz.com/? @blueidea_login.plugin

application screenshot:


blue ideal founder Ceng Muyang: as a webmaster and developer dual identity, I may be the biggest beneficiary. In the past, I always all through the night development plug-in, now I can find application in Discuz! Application center and a key installation, saves the site operating costs. At the same time, I personally in the application center to develop a number of small plug-ins, the current installation and

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