O2O car phone again will usher in a fight

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

March 24th, the blue whale TMT news release, the Alibaba has been completed on the Shenzhou car operators company China excellent car nearly 3 billion yuan investment, accounting for about 10% of the shares.

March 27th, titanium media quoted a person close to the deal of the news that the Alibaba of Shenzhou car investment rumors are true, and the transaction has been completed. The news that the Shenzhou car interface, currently do not comment on the matter.

senior media person Lanxi told reporters, this is perhaps the Shenzhou car for a new round of financing the smoke bomb.

According to

Roland Begg released the latest "2016 Chinese car market analysis report" shows that as of December 2015, travel car drops occupy 46.6% of the market share, Shenzhou car in the proportion of 39.9%, ranked second, excellent step and easy to car respectively to 7.2% and 6.3% of the proportion of third, ranking fourth.

market structure has changed, flaring up again, a new round of car burn subsidies big fight is about to begin.

business model

light asset model: recruitment of social vehicles to join or hire a car rental company vehicles, the company itself does not have a vehicle, only provide a platform, such as Uber, drops taxi, C2C and B2C combined.

heavy asset mode: self built team, the company recruit self direct, controllable operation is high, but the investment is large, such as the Shenzhou car is the standard B2C mode.

two operating modes have advantages and disadvantages, such as asset light expanding rapidly, the investment is relatively small, but the driver quality level is uneven, but also prone to black. Heavy asset mode of early investment, although the risk is small, the safety factor is relatively high, but heavy.

desperately burn

the current O2O car, how to draw customers? Only desperately burn subsidies for the driver, at the lowest price to attract passengers.

driver Liu told reporters: "I just registered the preferred car, the initial fee is 14 yuan, to 8 yuan, now simply a fast initial fee of $0. I have done 6 consecutive single, a total of only earn more than $70, and then buckle on the platform fee of 20%, a single will earn a few dollars. In fact, we do not earn the driver’s money, we are concerned about the subsidies given by the platform."

with the development of the market, the subsidies will be less and less, then who can win in this race?.


since the second half of 2015, the safety and quality of service has become the focus of competition in the car. However, the car industry in the security level.

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