Glutinous rice network Shen Boyang buy reshuffle has been the main reason for the end of the technol

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news April 9th, from more than 5 thousand to February this year, the group purchase website, 900, domestic group purchase industry survival rate of only 18%, while in the view of glutinous rice nets general manager Shen Boyang, currently only five leading half live more comfortable, the future and further integration is possible.

Outside view of

and most of Shen Boyang that is really out group purchase technical threshold and local sales team management, which will further intensify competition.

in the competition, group purchase mode will also exist? Shen Boyang believes that now is the group purchase of local businesses e-commerce platform model, regardless of the model of "group purchase" or any other name of the future, this model will continue to exist. (Sun Hongchao)

buy industry reshuffle has ended

NetEase science and technology: small buy site there is room to live it?

Shen Boyang: from the point of view of the electricity supplier industry, the small group site to survive the space has been relatively small. Similar we can see the vertical class electricity supplier basically no living space, the main reason is that users get the cost is too high. Footwear vertical electricity supplier website, for example, the most loyal users can only buy up to four pairs of shoes a year. So now the electricity supplier industry increasingly diversified, platform development, if there is a user, the electricity supplier website will be able to provide one-stop service. From this point of view, a small group of sites are basically locked in the vertical field or region, but the user does not reduce the cost of access, so they will be very difficult to survive.

NetEase science and technology: large group buying site has been identified


Shen Boyang: from the perspective of the glutinous rice, large group purchase website also remaining five: semi glutinous rice, comment, the U.S. group, handle, Wowo and semi house pattern has been very clear.

buy competitive pattern has been set, large Internet companies are difficult to enter

NetEase science and technology: from the first day of the birth of the group, there are some traditional large Internet companies trying to enter the industry, and now the pattern has been basically determined to buy, there will be giant jump in?

Shen Boyang: buy from the industry point of view, large enterprises will be more difficult to come in again. The first group purchase industry is a relatively low profit margin of the company, Google, Baidu, Tencent, these enterprises are printing press company, you make it lower figure to do the promotion of the ground, it is unlikely. Even if we put aside the genes do not match this factor does not talk about, low profit margins will make Baidu such enterprises can not account for shareholders. Moreover, through years of operation, the group has accumulated a large number of marketing data, which is a threshold.

and electronic commerce are the core competitiveness of group purchase website technology, rather than capital is the

cause collapse of group purchase website

NetEase science and technology: in the face of glutinous rice, e-commerce is more important in the word electronic business is more important?

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