The Spring Festival online shopping also need to wait for businesses to stop delivery courier delay

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order receipt difficult? In addition to some well-known brand flagship store said during the Spring Festival will be the normal delivery, these days a lot of self-employed businesses have hit the "stop delivery" notice, which makes consumers began to worry about whether the goods during the Chinese new year, online shopping will become a big problem? The reporter found inquires, according to forecasts, during the Spring Festival during the rookie platform about 300 thousand courier will stick on the job, but due to objective reasons, the Spring Festival this year, the major courier companies and electricity supplier logistics will be the delivery speed slowed, remote areas will also stop delivery.


proprietary shops: mostly stop shipping

"now take goods are shipped?" in a self fresh shop, not posted any stop delivery notices, but the reporter learned that after consulting the customer service staff, about 20 of the shops have uniform stop orders.

can buy special purchases for the Spring Festival in another family’s shops, the customer service staff also said that as Qinghai, Ningxia and remote areas of Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet and other 12 day will have to stop the recipient, 14 days to stop to Yunnan, Guizhou, express mail to Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang and other regions, the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area in 21 days later began to stop the recipient. Another Taobao owner said that the Spring Festival is coming, no matter what the local courier, unified stop delivery in 16 days later.

, by contrast, some well-known brand flagship store has said "normal delivery", a brand of customer service staff said, even the Spring Festival can still ensure the normal delivery, "the general Jiangsu distribution in about 3 days, the rest of 5 to 7 days, depending on the distance and speed in express transportation." Another brand flagship store customer service said that so far received the message are normal delivery".

express company: closing delay

every half a month before the Spring Festival, the major courier companies will usher in the peak volume of business. Reporters call the Yuantong express company that, during the Spring Festival in remote areas of Xinjiang and Tibet will stop shipping, "will take into account the safety of other remote areas, low temperatures, heavy snow blocking the road, a large car is difficult to go." The express staff, said the major outlets for the Spring Festival arrangements for the time being no specific notice, but it is full year off."

but it is worth noting that, although the major courier companies have said they would not stop working, but can not guarantee in time, a staff member told reporters, "during the Spring Festival, usually two days later to each network will estimate according to the local business." Shen Tong staff also said, taking into account the weather during the Spring Festival, roads and other major reasons, there will be a delay occurs.

electricity supplier: logistics speed will slow down

rookie network predicts that during the Spring Festival rookie platform about 300 thousand couriers will stick to their posts. Compared to last year’s 120 thousand people, can be described as one

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