Domain ppp com transaction Price or not less than 1 million 800 thousand yuan

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

news July 10th, recently, Xie Yipeng will be the three letter domain name investors stack sold m financial network CEO Wang Weilin; the acquisition of Jupiter Larry domain; but the 6 digit acquired more than and 40 3 digital.Co domain name.

3 letter domain for sale

stacked 3 letter domain limited number, easy to remember, the price has always been very good. Domain name single from the product phase is already a boutique, and its Public-Private-Partnership, meaning public-private partnerships, can also be seen as pat mean, can be used to build any website.

the domain name in the previous April overseas domain name trading platform, to $290000, the price of about 1 million 800 thousand yuan. The transaction again, although I do not know the specific price, but should not be less than the previous 1 million 800 thousand yuan.

"Lake" Larry trading

Investors bought a

Jupiter Larry domain recently, the domain name can be seen as a "tour of the lake, and the fox, and the tiger" meaning, can be used to build the game website, shopping website, website and other related information, the terminal has advantages of fox consumer services network (

m friends packaged acquisition of more than and 40 digital.Co domain name

3 Liu Chao recently from investors will hand packaged acquired more than and 40 3 digital co domain, the price of 6 digits. According to Amauri said, she is mainly directed at,, to buy.

for the non mainstream but relatively optimistic about the.Cc and.Co suffix, she felt that the.Co suffix is shorter than the.Com, from the input, a m less than com, more simple and fast. There are company (company), commerce (business) and other meaning, she felt very promising. In addition, will sell the in the first half of five, the hand hold, domain name.

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