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1 Jingdong big data and mobile power supplier


December 26th news, fade Jingdong management year Liu Qiangdong has returned from the United States, and re helm. In the media communication will be held in the Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong released the 2014 Jingdong "sail" strategy: the next key focuses on technology, financial Dian Dian O2O channel sink and internationalization of the five direction.

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2 short video will become the next outbreak of mobile Internet port

December 25th news, the official release of 4G licenses, the original into the bottleneck of mobile social networks into the water. This month, the Tencent, Sina launched a short video applications "micro" and "seconds", trying to through the video of this new interactive mode to seize the opportunities 4G.

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3 in the face of Taobao blocked shopping guide website outlook

December 23rd news, in October this year, Taobao advertising alliance mom announced that due to individual third party shopping guide websites abuse of businesses and consumers, the official decided to temporarily close the open interface and link.

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4.ios7 jailbreak tied Tai Chi provoke controversy

December 24th news, 22 >

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