Quality rice network CEO Wang Lifen from passion return to rational business process

March 10, 2017 0 Comments


from the origin of my business, to be able to see the process inside my passion is very full, but the actual return to a rational process of entrepreneurial process, I found a lot of problems, I hope you make mistakes enterprises go better.

1, inside the first error especially easy to setting up shops, business people just down particularly passionate, no passion can not be back into unfamiliar areas, this shop booth displays various features, my business shop booth Hongkong office, India development team, I use the video to communicate with them every week, this work is in fact a lot of funds are spent. There are other companies such as shop booth to do this, do that, many things are not ready. Return to rational slower shop booth is longer, faster capital catastrophe. I thought I a person, later found that each enterprise is basic mistakes, then summary and shop booth struggle is to fight against humanity, because humanity of weakness, hope to do, can see, can be dazzling, especially when some people start is to see, I found every enterprise in the shop booth, the world’s only an enterprise all concentrate on a force, let the whole world to do marketing duty for him, this is the Apple Corp. So when I understand this point, I don’t think so to share out shop booth, you will know when the ideal Road shop, but the shop booth was conscious, back some much faster.

2, with the wrong people, just start with the people most likely to use the wrong people, first of all the main core team with the wrong people, for example, the number of shares to commit future to what benefits? In fact, future cash process very sad. My mistake is not very rational, even if I said it is not successful, to help young university graduates to find a job, the year recruit 70-80 graduate students, undergraduates, due to our new and old employees less than the ratio, generally completed the process of college students occupation of most need at least 3:1, 1:1 master, let him daily work schedule is very full, this occupation in the process of work in a little change. But we got so many college students can really take them even less than 1/3, so I think the process full of apologies, many excellent students slowly away, because they have the passion no better, and that when the profit is not very clear, so there are some students go. It is good to have passion and desire to do badly. Then we train college students very well, to the training for a period of time, designated one or two people, so the process is a good process, we began to make such mistakes. Desire is very good at that time, I said that college graduates or graduates or to our company have four thousand salary, I think Beijing no four thousand never live like the human life, You’ll see. much money catastrophe.

of course, with the cost of staff is much higher than the cost of using executives, the core team, I’m still a little better in the latter, if you have a problem with the partnership team, behind the number of times to solve the difficult to solve

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