Wuyi’s first online gay porn case 3 principal recently jailed

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

07 Sept. 30 rented server open video chat site, in order to increase website hits, also invited the gay circle of the "big network" program, and organize voluntary gay pornographic performances. As long as the user to pay 100 yuan to $200 sponsorship fee, on the site to see a variety of performances…… Recently, the Zhejiang Wuyi court made a judgment on the network of gay porn case summary: the defendant Wang Zhian, Wang Qing, Zhao Zhimin heard 3 people on suspicion of illegally opened gay video chat site and organize pornographic performances, are also legally sentenced in one year and four months, fined 2000 yuan.

three defendants, the youngest king mackerel was born in 1982, the net name is "tears will be". At the end of November 2008, Wang Qingwen with a monthly rental price of 1800 yuan from the left at the fly (dealt with) a server, and by the latter to provide technical support, set up a "love talk" voice and video chat site, the site’s server in Wuyi wholemark times square wholemark network company. At first, the "love to talk about" the site’s hits are very low, advertising revenue is not ideal, but also to pay the cost of space and domain names.

in November last year, Wang Qingwen in a "comrade" video chat site know the name is "emperor style", "dragon" and "elder brother Wang Zhian Zhuang" Zhao Zhimin, two people are gay circle network reds, they promise to help the king mackerel smell increased IP hits.

in return, king mackerel will be free rental chat rooms to them, so that they become part of the management of the network has the right to host the chat room. Wang Zhian and Zhao Zhimin will chat room named "twins", with video chat room host identity of the organization of gay men are not fit to be seen the pornographic performances, the daily number of people online to hundreds of people.

Wang Zhian, Zhao Zhimin rely on online users to pay 100 yuan to $200 ranging from the amount of sponsorship income. While Wang Qingwen is hanging on the site some advertising links, click on the number to make money.

at the end of last year, to search the chat site a netizen in Jinhua accidentally, and to the Jinhua City Public Security Bureau supervisor detachment report, Jinhua police in the investigation. In February 12th this year, Wuyi police rushed to Shenzhen, the king mackerel smell arrested.

Wuyi court found that after the arrest of the incident, Wang Zhian received more than 5000 yuan from the Chinese Communist Party sponsorship fee, Zhao Zhimin received sponsorship fee of more than $2700, king mackerel smell get advertising costs more than $6300.

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