Liu Jianguo love to help network search is the breakthrough point near O2O&SoLoMo

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August 6th news, China Mobile Beijing developer Club twelfth theme salon activities in Beijing than to help organize coffee. This salon to O2O& SoLoMo explore mobile electricity supplier new breakthrough as the theme, a number of Internet experts and opinion leaders to attend the event, to discuss the future development trend of the internet. The afternoon of August 3rd, love to help network CEO Liu Jianguo salon published a report entitled "near the search is O2O& breakthrough" SoLoMo mode of speech.

is the following text record:

good afternoon, first of all, I would like to share the domestic domestic SoLoMo form. With the Internet or mobile Internet deeper into the daily life of the location based search is near O2O&, SoLoMo breakthrough.

domestic SoLoMo form

Compared to

and PC, Mobile or something unique to its mobile phone, it has Location, which is not PC. PC it can go through the IP positioning, but only to the city, but the mobile phone, especially smart mobile phone, it is GPS natural, or as carriers of this contact point, so it can be very accurate positioning, to you this crowd. So based on this position, there are a lot of applications, there are many applications at home and abroad, I have listed some of the.

navigation, or travel services. Such as navigation map, like Baidu maps, love bus. For example, travel, I went to a destination how to go, for example, I drive what route, take the bus need to know where to travel, where to get off. There is a user comments, in fact, is a sharing of consumer experience. That is, you go to some local businesses to consumer, consumption, how the characteristics, good or bad, with this as the purpose of the review. Consumption experience sharing, you go to local businesses to consume feedback, such as: QQ food. Location based social. Like unfamiliar street, WeChat, QQ and so on. It opens up another channel for making friends. Based on the location of the business, for example, I am in this place, I can call the car, called a taxi, I know where I am, where the taxi, to support them between. Buy mobile phone, is such a number of business applications.

there is a search of life, this is to love life, Google+Lacal as the representative, it is special to find your life service place. Just know your coffee bar, which is around how to go, please eat, even you around the gas station, parking lot, etc. These pharmacies and living related categories.

love O2O& SoLoMo model

love now has two applications, one is the love bus, the other one is near love. Love bus and other public transportation software has a very > than

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