The importance of technology in entrepreneurial team

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

in the business circle inside, before a period of time, I often hear people say "not important" or "technology is not a problem," this sentence, approximately       from "what money can buy, then this thing is not a problem". Because we all believe that the technical staff can be recruited to take money, so "technology" is not a problem.

      however, from I and several entrepreneurial team and entrepreneurial success company to see, the situation is: "our technology is too weak," or "lack of technical personnel in our".

      when the new flying to Beijing, we talked to him that the shell network problems, he frankly, technical strength is insufficient, is a problem. Before the exchange and wheat fields, wheat fields also feel that the ant community is now also need more and better technical personnel. Last Saturday, a vice president of a technical Internet Co chat, he also felt that it is difficult to recruit technical staff".

      look at the whole world of IT industry giants, we found a strange phenomenon. The vast majority of the growth of the company’s founders, founders have a deep technical background:

      global scope:

      1, GOOGLE (· founder Larry page and Sergei brin; · Google search engine in 1996 by Larry · Sergei · page and Brin started research on the plan. They are the Stanford University doctoral school);

      2, Microsoft (founder Bill Gates, started programming at the age of, less than the age of 20 will write BASIC language);

      continental range:

      1, Baidu (founder Robin Li, the Wall Street Journal online edition of real-time financial information system designers, INFOSEEK senior engineer. Robin Li first created the ESP technology, and its successful application in INFOSEEK/GO.COM search engine. GO.COM’s image search engine is another valuable technology innovation;

      2, the Tencent (founder Ma Huateng, 1993 graduate into the deep, runxun Communication Development Co. Ltd., from a focus on paging software development software engineers to development director);

      3, new >

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