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technology news Beijing time on February 24th morning news, Facebook chief information officer Tim · Campos (Tim Campos) said in an interview with CIO Journal, for the company’s productivity, custom software tools can bring a high degree of automation is very important. He also said that e-mail service did not die".

Campos said: the enterprise software industry has established a number of solutions to make the company more productive. Like most organizations, we want to take advantage of these solutions." But he added: "but when the company’s efficiency reaches a certain level, these solutions will not work. You can’t buy a ready – to use solution that everyone has, and expect to get better results. For many purposes, this is not feasible, such as the construction of their own labor, etc.."

he said that Facebook through internal development tools to allow a wide range of automation tasks such as management, hiring procedures, booking meeting rooms, the arrangement of data center maintenance schedule or find parking etc.. "We have our own internal (Customer Relationship Management) software. When an advertiser finds a Facebook and says that he has a problem with an advertisement, we have all the information about the company, and we can find other problems."

the following is an interview with Campos Abstract:

CIO Journal: how do you feel about working in a highly automated environment?

Campos: it’s a feeling of freedom. Automation is increasingly freeing us from those mundane tasks, so that we can focus on what really interests us. The other I worked, there are always too many unnecessary and overelaborate formalities.

CIO Journal: what do you think of the future of e-mail? Will it be replaced by new tools like Facebook at Work?

Campos: we’re still using email, it’s not gone. E-mail is still in use, but we will use a lot of Facebook to collaborate. Common interest groups will use Facebook, if there is a need to let the entire company’s employees know, then this group will be much more convenient. If people are interested, you can comment on this topic or cooperate, they can publish videos or pictures, or file links. This is a good tool, and there is no spam. In collaboration, Facebook is much more efficient than email. When communicating with the outside world, we may use e-mail.

CIO Journal: how do you ensure network security?

our information security

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