MySpace many web pages are hit by black pop stars

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

according to foreign reports, Exploit Prevention Labs (security vulnerability Defense Laboratory) chief technology officer Roger Thompson found that many "social networking site MySpace is black, including the famous American singer Alixiya Kyrgyzstan silk (Alicia Keys)". Alicia – Kat is the MySpace site ranked fourth pop singer. Thompson on the YouTube website published the contents of the hacking incident. He is also in his blog detailing the MySpace page was black.

access to these black pages will make visitors face risks. If the network users do not use the latest security patches, access to these black pages will make their computers installed malware. Thompson explained in the video, hackers are using security vulnerabilities in the background to install malicious software.

users are vulnerable to attacks even when they are using patches. These hackers have found a way to associate their malicious URL connections with non clickable areas on a web page. This result is in the specific click control outside the mouse will also be interpreted as the click of malicious URL connection.

Thompson said in a blog, it is not clear how the hacker to achieve this function and the extent of the spread of this attack technology.

MySpace spokesman did not immediately comment on the attack.

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