Fashion website integration curtain opened business model innovation into key

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Event Background:

according to various media sources, Ruili will be stripped of its new media business, and China Unicom will jointly establish a joint venture company, Ruili owns 51% stake in the new company has been financing and listing plan. Had also heard the Tencent purchase YOKA fashion network news.


iResearch iResearch according to the latest data network advertisement monitoring system iAdTracker display, 2009Q1 Chinese fashion website advertising revenue for 23 million 69 thousand yuan, and to Q2 in 2010, this figure reached 70 million 964 thousand yuan, excluding seasonal factors, at least within a year advertising revenue has doubled, in 2010 the annual fashion websites the advertising revenue will be 3-4 billion yuan. In addition, according to iResearch survey results show that advertising is the main source of income for fashion website, accounting for its total revenue of about 90%-95%, so the 2010 fashion website market size of about 3.5 to 450 million yuan.


traditional enterprise is the core source of income for fashion website

2009Q1 cosmetics advertising fashion website accounted for all advertising revenue 67.5%, then began to decline to 2010Q2 was 44.6%, while the rest of the network services, personal products also share has reached more than 10%, the distribution of advertising websites are visible more and more widely, and the amount of investment has increased significantly. Ari analysts believe that the diversity of advertisers in the future is the key to promote the growth of the income of the fashion website, which is the main content of the online shopping network services or will become another major source of income for fashion sites.


fashion website business model innovation is the key

from the point of view of advertising distribution, the current fashion website advertisers are mostly engaged in traditional industries, the amount of advertising is relatively fixed, enhance small amplitude and vertical space, although the fashion website’s market share is gradually increasing, but the corresponding enterprises in this field are increasing, and the advertising budget is limited, so Ereli think alone it is difficult to hold up the whole future advertising market. In the course of the interview, the companies have said that e-commerce will be a direction of diversification, but there are also a lot of concerns:

China fashion website development trend


1 service is insufficient: once the enterprises involved in the electricity supplier, the attendant service costs will rise rapidly, transportation, warehousing, distribution, customer service and other sectors are required to invest a lot of cost, most current vertical fashion website does not have such strength.

2 enterprise positioning differences: the current vertical fashion sites are mostly located in the Information Service >

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