Pour in the tuyere This may be the reality of the 23 broadcast platforms have to face

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

June 2008, Zheng Lizheng to 163888 (fenbei) the first Chinese music website transition to live, we are not accustomed to using "live" word, people behind the camera beauty show called the video show. In order to do the video show, Zheng Li this music website office is separated into twenty small rooms, each compartment is the same configuration: a microphone, a computer, a chair, a beauty.

to traffic and revenue, the girls in the live wear less, until the end of the night naked chat site openly, income from the initial has increased sharply to a monthly income of 5 million, with a fear, Zheng Li and his live sites began to run in the legal red line. However, only half a year, this was the first Chinese music community CEO chained and thrown into prison — June 2010, Zheng Li suspected of organizing Internet pornography, was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment, fined 500 thousand yuan.

as in the past 6 years. Now, live downtown let everyone don’t fit in: live from thousands of spectators into the hundreds of thousands, the number of anchor was also engaged in more than one million, many ordinary people with less than a year’s worth millions, and some companies borrow to live. This industry, known as the capital of the winter in 2016 to create a lot of the outside world can not understand the myth.

this year, more than and 300 broadcast platform reached Chinese Internet market, Zheng Li 163888 had created also turned into DB live, live APP launched in March. But from the broadcast platform in 300+, blaze a new trail, or even just melt into the next round of funding, it is difficult for DB.

November 4th, with the network letter office, Internet broadcast service management regulations, the state of the broadcast platform qualification, anchor real name, content audit and other aspects of the detailed provisions. Like a small medium such as live broadcast platform, survived has become a luxury.

business people believe that in the upcoming 2017, more than and 300 live platform, if no accident, will fall more than 200. Financial writer Wu Xiaobo also said in his audio program: "the future of the first half of the year, hundreds of broadcast platform is the most important China moment, this winter, for those companies that do live, will become very cold".

those who walk in the edge and the small and medium-sized low-spirited porn broadcast platform

a girl called Pan Chunchun, is ranked first in total live anchor, Pan Chunchun won the 3 billion 300 million shell reward, according to the proportion, which is about 3 million 600 thousand yuan, the total list of second is only 480 million shells, that is about 530 thousand yuan, third yuan reward is only 270 thousand.

has a leading edge so high even in dB, compared with the large red platform network anchor, DB for Pan Chunchun to attract fans and reward income, both quantity and quality are much worse in reflecting off the Reds live, only Zhang Ruolan >

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