The introduction of the new unlicensed video broadcast video sites temporarily charged

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

users through online video sites to watch popular drama, drama free days or with a ban by the SARFT and the end. Reporters yesterday from the SARFT website saw a "on the strengthening of Internet audio and video content management notice", the specified license has been made of the film and television drama, animation, film and television literature, will not be allowed to spread on the internet. In this regard, the mainstream of domestic video sharing websites have said watching, and network TV kind video website is applauded. Analysts believe that the new deal will once again fight the prevalence of pirated video sharing site.

online videos mostly undocumented

The so-called "

license" is a TV drama copyright, insiders told reporters, in order to obtain the license must have the qualification of the company by the introduction of introduction and approval, such as television and video etc., in acquired distribution rights, in order to open communication; and the network broadcast a licensed television drama most are also able to broadcast on tv. "We are usually in the online watching drama, mostly without copyright" undocumented "broadcast to users upload, spontaneous spread in the folk, the website is a carrier." Introduction of the person.

"no card" movie did not delete

SARFT "notice" issued, the most worrying is that the majority of users can see fresh American and Japanese Korean online. In this regard, Youku, Tudou and 56 networks and other well-known video sharing site stakeholders have told reporters that the active support and should be the "notice", until the policy is more detailed, and actively cooperate with.

But reporters yesterday afternoon in the Baidu

video input in popular drama "prison break", "pop up from and, 56 nets, cool 6 network and other domestic video sharing website the latest episodes, which means that the video sharing website has not promptly deleted" undocumented "TV drama.

is unlikely to charge users

if the strict implementation of the notice, which means that the video site to spend a lot of money to buy the copyright, which has not yet found a profit model for video sites, is undoubtedly worse. They will not be charged directly to users? In this regard, PPLIVE told reporters that the study of charging users is a profit, but if you want to charge, must give the user enough special experience, so that users are willing to pay, and do not intend to charge PPLIVE. VIP users have been trying to charge a fee of PPS relevant person in charge also told reporters that this is just an attempt to profit model, the site is currently no plan to charge free of charge.

an unnamed insiders told reporters bluntly, Chinese netizens are spoiled, if only a few sites charge, users will be free to run to the website, users pay to watch online video is unlikely.

industry impact

video industry pattern or wash >

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