My internet life

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

I think I’m a bit slow to touch things…

is a bit late. 98 summer vacation to my dad unit, for the first time to play computer.

was so excited, I at night for their value in the midnight, thinking on the computer.. High tech, feeling very mysterious, but also feel a bit like a game machine, was the 98 system, the feeling is still very easy to use, see help. Soon got familiar with the basic operation.

my dad let the tube of the computer to install a typing software. Learn typing. Until I graduated from college, I still feel that the computer is typing, typing fast is a master, often asked me how many words a minute now?

seems to be 99 years at that time there are not many sites, remember to chat online chat room, I feel very magical, every day is different people, talk about the problem now think really boring… Who are you? What are you doing there? Nothing more than these… Of course, the time to contact the computer is also very little.

in 2000 the University was not a complete concept of the network, the new military training, I told a friend as a deserter, because there are several Internet cafes downtown. At that time felt very interesting Internet cafes. 3 dollars an hour, I went with a friend is a bubble for a long time, it is not sensible. Soon found the living TMD not so lavishly..

at that time QQ very fire, but there is no fixed QQ get used to, every time it is re apply, and now it looks like a waste of time, when a good number to go… It’s not that I don’t understand, the world is changing fast (


was at that time with QQ, in 163 to apply for the first mailbox… Then the military training is over.. I have to say goodbye to the Internet, and I don’t even know what it is.

then happened that Internet cafes have profits, everyone is jealous, especially near schools, Internet cafes blossom everywhere.

online now 2 cheaper, even suspected membership card, 1 yuan, but more than 100 of the money to the hub.

many of my friends started playing stars at that time, the level is pretty cow. I am not interested in the game, but we go together, I am not satisfied with QQ, with a long time finally feel boring and boring…

was then found to have a good use of NetAnts, suspicious download some software to play. At that time the Internet bar loaded with very few things, I will own the software, what Photoshop, DW, flash, are in the Internet bar, and then find a tutorial online, but also to do something.

slowly found a forum called the site, very cool, and you can ask others questions. You can also find some experts get QQ, so it was crazy to add more than QQ n, and now it is not until those who are

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