Happy mop com jurisprudence is being investigated is the incentive evaluation index or venture capit

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

recently, the General Administration of press and publication and 62 home related to posting (spread) pornographic Internet publications website, such as mop.com Kaixin, fans and other large web sites also list.


, IT legal activist Zhao Zhanling to the "daily economic news" reporter said, pornography to a certain extent will constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility, but whether it belongs to pornography and without a clear standard, pornographic and vulgar very fuzzy boundaries. Some sites to play the "edge ball" criminal responsibility is difficult, are more likely to pursue the administrative responsibility of the site, fines, warnings.

, a lot of sites and pornography related content, is to attract the attention of Internet users." Insiders Li Bin (a pseudonym) believes that a lot of VC (venture capital) will only use data to assess the performance of the investment site, will not be constrained from the values and so on. In this case, the small and medium-sized sites in order to achieve the assessment indicators, often come up with a variety of ways."

pornographic content to earn traffic and revenue

yesterday (June 14th), the daily economic news reporter interviewed on the matter of the above three websites. Mop.com network belongs to Qianxiang interactive group COO Liu Jian, an interview with reporters to know, immediately hang up the phone. But until this writing, the reporter has not yet received the reply net fans investor, founder Wang Chaoyong ChinaEquity capital group.

happy network responded to reporters said that the initial understanding of the investigation was mainly due to the user made a post, and the post there is a link, the link is a novel. Happy net said the internal site has been the implementation of "machine + artificial" audit system, but even more accurate auditing can not avoid similar omissions.

Zhao occupation said, after being investigated the main results is fine, informed criticism, of course, can also be combined with other government departments for punishment, such as revocation of business license or ICP certificate, but very large as several websites should not revoke the business license, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.

, a lot of sites and pornography related content, is to attract the attention of Internet users." Insiders believe that Li Bin, for large sites, the purpose is to ensure that the user’s viscosity, the rate of return. Small and medium sized websites use pornography in addition to absorb traffic outside, may also induce users to register some web games, in order to earn commissions, and even some online games, registered users there may be the site or mobile phone chargeback fees.

venture capital investment site with only data assessment

Li Bin said that a site over the past few years, the hype posts, are around the beautiful portrait, do a lot of topics, some of the inventory in the country have been criticized.


says, "it’s a surprise to be on the list." Li Bin said this, happy network theory and Facebook almost, yes

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