Mergers and acquisitions of the ten major domestic websites

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

one site can not be separated from the legendary heroes of the Internet, as many emerging industries, the Internet is always filled with a variety of sites in the acquisition and acquisition rumors. In the United States, Microsoft and YAHOO’s acquisition of English Mergers and Acquisitions (merger and acquisition). Case deadlocked for more than a year, has always been a hot topic of discussion; the rise of the past two years, Twitter has been surrounded by rumors of acquisitions. In China, although this year due to the impact of the global financial crisis, the influence of the merger is not much, but in the past ten years, the merger and acquisition is a large site and continues to attract people to emerge in an endless stream, on the field of Internet attention. At the same time, these mergers and acquisitions also profoundly affect the various network services we are using today.

and the amount of the transaction is billions, tens of billions of dollars in traditional industry mergers and acquisitions is different between sites is not the scale of mergers and acquisitions. Especially in the country, involving more than one hundred million U.S. dollars in the acquisition of a handful of gold can reach tens of millions of dollars level, it has been regarded as a major M & A. But because these mergers often and ordinary users of the network life, the degree of concern in the mergers and acquisitions website no less than traditional industry mergers and acquisitions; only some tens of millions of dollars in transactions, the influence of Internet users even more than the traditional industries in the billions of dollars of transactions.

today, Xiaobian for everyone to inventory, is the country’s top ten influential mergers and acquisitions. In the whole story and the effect of inventory of these acquisitions at the same time, we can also work together to review those high-profile websites and Internet legend of heroes.

need to be noted that, in order to facilitate inventory, small series of mergers and acquisitions to choose the standard is: to the site for the acquisition, after the completion of the acquisition of the acquirer to acquire the absolute success of the acquisition of the acquisition. According to this standard, Shanda acquired Sina, Sina’s acquisition of the domestic Internet giant, inject 51 "big shock" has not been included in the inventory.

in addition to LOGO, Chinaren home page has been difficult to see how much of the content related to the Chinaren

acquisition time: September 2000

involved amount: nearly $30 million



due to the acquisition of the two sides were the country’s top portals and the largest youth community, so even in the first wave of Internet acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions are still of concern. After the completion of the acquisition, Chinaren access to much-needed operating capital, while Sohu has a registered user of 7 million 800 thousand and the flow of 44 million times a day, beyond Sina and NetEase to become the country’s largest portal. At that time, this is a win-win acquisition.

however, in the next few years, Sohu and failed to make good use of the brand Chinaren. The latter most influential business

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