Ma restructuring Ali or split into 30 companies listed on the integration of the 3

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

"finance" reporter Song Wei

Alibaba is a big change to reshape the company’s ecological system as the core, it is likely to spin off into 30 companies, and then integrated into three listed companies. This will be a change in the hands of Ma Yun will not only change the pattern of China’s Internet industry, but also deeply affect the future of traditional industries from manufacturing to service industries

in the past year, Ma and his Alibaba experienced a Taobao group is divided into three, B2B company, YAHOO 20% equity repurchase delisting and other events, the China e-commerce Pathfinder try a series of changes to stable development momentum.

But when

finally announced in July this year, Ma can "seven swords combination (six subsidiaries into seven business group)," One Company "(a group) reached a preliminary strategy when another new change but have to start.

Ma Yun recently in Beijing, said in a television interview, the future of Alibaba will be split into 30 companies. December 3rd, the Chief Strategic Officer of Alibaba group has been in Hangzhou to accept the financial reporter said, Alibaba will form dozens of business units in the future.

spin off, will become the focus of the next step in the reform of Alibaba.

"finance" reporter was informed that the spin off Alibaba in the future will follow the following principle and order: the Taobao platform will be the first spin off, more mature vertical business and have strategic significance of the business will be stripped from the existing architecture, became a separate business unit or subsidiary companies, such as Taobao tourism, followed by the wireless business unit; the financial aspect, will choose to separate the two to three subsidiaries; in the data platform, is currently still in Ali cloud, Taobao business intelligence department, the future will have more detailed resolution and adjustment.

this split order agreement proposed in September this year, Ma "platform, financial data, echelon strategy. When proposed this strategy, Ali’s One Company strategy reached less than three months. At that time, Ma at the annual meeting of the financial department of Alibaba group lamented: we are very easy to turn the company into a ‘One company’ system, and later found that the word Company is wrong."

Zeng Ming said: the Internet is actually changing the traditional business, change the mode of social operation, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of the entire social business."

13 years of e-commerce history, so that the Alibaba has become the leader of this change, but the past has been successful in the past, the times have changed.

e-commerce platform game is coming to an end, the new economic era officially opened the curtain, in this new era of technological innovation in the three fields of mobile Internet, cloud computing and big data combined, will create new business forms and social forms.


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