The punch to turn off the three poker site 11 people prosecuted

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America’s three largest online poker gambling site was closed

according to the U.S. "Losangeles times" reported on April 17th, the online poker industry impose heavy U.S. law enforcement authorities before the closure of the nation’s largest three poker gambling sites, and by fraud and money laundering proceedings against 11 website managers.

according to a court in Manhattan announced the news, 11 managers of American PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker three websites and their branches were charged with bank fraud and money laundering activities, two of the defendants have been in local time 15 days respectively in Utah and Nevada, was arrested, the police are on the track of the other nine people.

prosecutors are seeking to close the three poker gambling sites, and seized $3 billion of funds. The United States federal prosecutor PREET · Bharat issued a statement in New York, said: "the defendant constructs extremely careful crime patterns, fraud by the Bank of America and bribe to get billions of dollars in illegal gambling profits."

online gambling industry in the past 10 years has made no small development, attracting more than 15 million Americans on the Internet gambling. In 2006, Congress passed a bill to "ban" online gambling, but gambling is illegal poker in the ban did not clear definition, so some large sites by the fuzzy legal online poker business zone. "Losangeles times" that the closure of the three largest poker gambling sites and arrest managers to show that the government’s tough attitude, but this may lead to judicial challenge.

these three websites can not continue to provide services to the United States a large number of poker game player anxiously inquire on the twitter news gathering. Full Tilt Poker website 15 afternoon news release, said: according to the search warrant, the domain name has been seized by the fbi." A game player says there are their large sums of money on the account; a Wisconsin Madison netizens said, fortunately, the account only $300.

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