The car used car market was renamed seeds straight sell network will spin independently

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

NetEase Francisco September 15th news, today, founder and CO CEO Hao Yang Chung 58 fair in Beijing announced that the "car market" has been officially renamed the "seeds of second-hand car direct selling net". The seeds of second-hand car will continue cultivating the second-hand car market, by the end of 60 to cover the whole city.

Yang Haoyong announced that the melon seeds used cars sell network, the launch of the new brand represents the business will accelerate the pace of independence. So far, after nearly a year of development, the seeds of second-hand car teams continue to grow and reach the size of nearly 2000 people, set up a technology research and development, sales, personnel administration, financial and other complete team, with the development of independent in economic and legal conditions.

"seeds of second-hand car as early as the end of this year completed the spin off, become the main business of second-hand car market’s 58 independent companies." Yang Haoyong said.

in 2014, the second-hand car has become the most popular investment areas, so far, the total amount of investment has been disclosed exceeded $1 billion 200 million. The total investment amounted to $200 million in direct selling net in seeds of second-hand car. In the merger of 58 and after the flow of second-hand car to further expand the advantages of melon seeds. The flow of second-hand car market accounted for 58 of seeds obtained from all the above 65% second-hand car vertical flow.

Yang Haoyong believes that second-hand car field has entered the stage of the outbreak of the market, second-hand car seeds will take aggressive marketing strategy, through online advertising bombing and line layout to expand city carpet coverage, the effect to undertake rapid online and offline diversion.

so far, the melon used car has covered 40 cities in the country, only the evaluation team has reached nearly 600 people. The line for the new brand of second-hand car, the seeds of more than 200 million yuan of the promotion campaign last week, advertising coverage of the country’s 40 seat key city, put on the category involves television, network video, advertising, video, LED bus and subway station and many other categories, is expected to cover over 500 million of the population. After the seeds of second-hand cars sold online advertising on the line a week, the number of vehicles on the shelves doubled, sales growth of more than 160%. Yang Haoyong said that the next year will invest 1 billion yuan for market expansion.

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