Lei Jun in my eyes

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

for the first time to Lei Jun, is the National Day in 1997 after a few days, I travel from Chongqing to Beijing to participate in a network device, it will be opened in China World Trade Center, magnificent, bright and spacious, eye-opening, in Beijing on the prosperity of a visual impression. After the car to Zhongguancun, went to the Kingsoft Corp, remember the east gate is the National People’s Congress, asked for a long time, finally in a small alley on the left side of a building in the contemporary mall looks ordinary cannot ordinary building 4 floor to find a Kingsoft Corp, out of the elevator, a look, not a few rooms that layer, but. It was a weekend, Kingsoft Corp a few people, I turn to each rooms, each room has a few tables and chairs, put a few computer, even Lei Jun’s office has not yet what a decent office equipment, is the isolation of a transparent glass, floor carpet also looks out for a long time did not cleaning. It is worth mentioning that the Jinshan toilet, is a mix of men and women sharing floor, toilet, then I think Ling Zhijun wrote a four side of the toilet, I immediately think of the Jinshan toilet, the impression is so deep.

Lei Jun asked me to eat a meal, certainly not Roasted Duck, certainly not very common fried mutton slices cooked in hot pot, of course, is not completely dry flat Sauteed Green Beans such vegetables. I work hard and seriously ask some questions about the Lei yellow rose and encryption, then Lei only famous small circle, therefore, for I have professional knowledge of the problem, looks very happy. Talked, Lei Jun may feel like the image of tall, busy with me said: Jinshan only one sun, we still talk about Qiu Baijun. His introduction to Qiu Baijun was clearly deliberate: what I saw was a handsome young man. I was shocked and felt that it was a sign of success. This sentence, after the continuous emergence in the media, Lei Jun introduced Qiu Baijun’s standard text. That day, my deepest impression is Lei Jun said, a meal in that they did not eat a few mouthfuls, as a guest. I did not have the nerve to eat a few mouthfuls, the meal finished, I find a noodle shop and two sides, while eating feeling, it is not easy to do CEO, even to eat well.

actually, Lei Jun has a strong desire to become the second Qiu Baijun, but he failed to let Lei completely ignorant, suddenly lost. I once asked the mentality that for some years he was leaving Kingsoft, Lei Jun cleverly avoided. I was in Mao Yiding’s house for a night, listening to Mao Yiding about that the past year is April 1996; Lei left Jinshan, November after come back; that year, in fact he is Mao Yiding, in that year, Mao Yiding shows his extraordinary planning level and excellent execution ability, complete their so-called the hand of the stage, later removed, and 8848 gross federal Chinese star, eventually rising in dacheng. And the reasons about the return of the prodigal son Lei after 6 months, Jinshan official claims that the pursuit of a dream Lei heart, I prefer to give thanks to cfido Lei Jun’s spiritual comfort, a person in the worst of times, interest.

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