E commerce social marketing a war can not afford to lose

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

Xuan (a pseudonym) is an ordinary employee, doing extra business in micro-blog: a pair of shoes in micro-blog every day, through the music Amoy launched the "micro rebate" measures, every month can get a thousand dollars reward.


account is like this: Zixuan fans more than 3 thousand people, she in the day for micro-blog recommend both shoes, can produce about 3-5 single transaction, calculated by 150 yuan per transaction (seasonal summer sandals, slippers, etc.), each pair of shoes can be divided into 15 yuan, about a day to harvest 45-75 yuan, a monthly income of around 1500-2000.

this is a part-time ordinary users micro-blog marketing books.

industry insiders predict, community users will become a major e-commerce site of a hotly contested spot, the combination of electronic commerce and SNS — social commerce or will become the next battleground.

on the one hand, according to the electronic commerce industry sources, this year, network advertising prices generally rose 30%, portals and other powerful media even rose by 40%-50%, the B2C platform promotion costs surged 187%, with e-commerce marketing rigid demand in a dilemma facing embarrassment.

on the other hand, the rapid development of social media, such as micro-blog, recently released data show that sina micro-blog users 140 million, Tencent micro-blog users of 160 million. China Electronic Commerce Research Center, the latest data show that in 2010 the online retail market transactions amounted to 513 billion 100 million yuan, is expected in the next two years, the online retail market transaction size is expected to exceed $1 trillion mark.

over 100 million of the user base +1 trillion yuan e-commerce scale, the effect of superposition, does it mean that the social e-commerce war imminent?

can see, Lok, where customers such as B2C have been involved in the marketing of micro-blog, Taobao will SNS of top priority this year, at the same time, the market active beauty said social commerce media.

micro-blog hot spawned social marketing

2010 is the first year of micro-blog, changing the structure and mode of information dissemination. According to the latest data show that sina micro-blog users 140 million, Tencent micro-blog users by 160 million.

is reported that sina micro-blog has about more than 10 thousand active enterprise certification official account. Magic science and technology CEO Zhang Rui believes that this is still relatively conservative figures. "Micro-blog marketing is a kind of investment behavior, the value of creation may be unexpected." He said.

"third party according to the monitoring data, the reflux ratio is more than 28 times the share in the Tencent micro-blog, that is to say, if you share a link on your website to the Tencent micro-blog, will bring 28 new users, each user will browse to the site and 6 to 8 times." Xing Hongyu, general manager of Tencent micro-blog division at the annual meeting of the director said.



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