see the 2014 nternet entrepreneurs Conference

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first put a Chang Chen floor:


this is the sixth time to participate in the entrepreneurship conference, last year called the Internet entrepreneurs conference this year (webmaster), directly to the "owners" of the word has been cancelled, a touch of melancholy. Since the children have rarely go out to participate in the meeting, but as China’s largest Internet industry conference, it is necessary to participate in the. From the previous play soy sauce, and now the task in the body, feeling a lot.

first, the conference’s sister

girl has become a variety of conference standard, from the show to entrepreneurs conference, as a way to attract the eye of the most important, at the beginning of this article to give you a feast for the eyes, it is no wonder that many people say the eyes ache. Sister’s pictures are all provided by the SEO Research Association of the network Xiao Chai, for two reasons: 1, I take pictures of the level is too smelly, and the 2, I fake.


(what does it mean to wear sunglasses in the room?)


(two words in my mind: professional, dedicated)


(this picture makes me look like that long haired boy)


(at noon to eat, she sat opposite me, could not help but see more eyes)


(mushroom: your knees)


(so many girl surrounded by stiff also mouchangqing)

PS: in fact, please sister site, there are two kinds of people the most professional. 1, when he saw a photo of you will take the initiative to put poss, goujiandabei, 2, the woman dare dew. From the above picture, you can see the sister of the professional qualities of it?

two, speeding wildly to see friends

such large-scale meetings, but these four things: 1, see friends, 2, and 3 for the name card, bragging, 4, baloney.

I arrived at the meeting at noon, this year’s Congress more stringent than ever, and there are security. There is security does not say, but also lighter, which led directly to the entrance hall there is a group of people in the smoke, a kind of just off the plane at the airport gate feeling.

in fact, the purpose of my participation is relatively simple: meet old friends. On that day, many people not met or not often met friends see a circle, like A5, Sogou, Chatteris, speed transit network, there is a friend to see.


(from left to right.

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