llegal erection of online games profit eventually punished by law

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

Gao Jiangbin, Wang Chao and Zhou Lvbing and other 3 network illegal access to network game master, "pirate king ONLINE" and renamed "51 pirate king", rent servers on the Internet illegal operators to make profits. The day before, the Jingan court to the crime of copyright infringement and sentenced Gao Jiangbin 3 people every 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 3 years, and fined 50 thousand yuan each. This is the city’s first criminal case of infringement of copyright caused by the theft of Internet applications.

Gao Jiangbin and other 3 people are unemployed workers in Hubei, Shiyan, were born in 1980, although the academic qualifications are not high but the network master. Gao Jiangbin and Wang Chao since 2005 in partnership in mobile phone and notebook computer business on the Internet, the monthly income of 20 thousand yuan, two people later courted Zhou Lvbing. In December last year, 3 people rented Sanshiyiting in Shiyan City, Wang Chao borrowed Zhou Lvbing’s girlfriend’s identity card for broadband, and install a router to connect the 4 computer. Zhou Lvbing to help people make the program, Wang Chao to help people deal with the picture, Gao Jiang Bin is to help people do network security maintenance.

in January this year, Jiang Bin and Wang Chao on the Internet to see people selling "pirate king" game server program, the computer they know, with this program you can open "pirate king", to make money, he bought the program from the official website to download the client program, registered a the domain name, from Guangdong Zhanjiang rented 2 servers, set up illegal websites. 3 people have a division of labor, Gao Jiangbin is responsible for the erection of the server, and remote maintenance, the site of the page produced by Zhou Lvbing, the artist to make some changes in the art of the Wang Chao.

identified by the court, from January 18th to February this year, 27 day, the PW website through the sale of virtual weapons and equipments for game player seek the illegal income of more than 18.6 yuan.

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