Ma Yun the company’s worst concern is the realm of the founderExclusive interview with Zhou Hongyi W

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really protect the interests of founders is not absolute control, but not feel good "supreme authority", but a number of you careful recruitment and training of reliable people, a culture of healthy and positive open and transparent and effective mechanism, the three combined basis possible.


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in fact, these two misunderstandings will greatly hinder the development and growth of your company. Unless you just want to be a small family business, you may be able to make long-term control. If you want to do a good job, do a strong, big, and become a evergreen listed companies in the public, these two ideas is a fatal barrier.

therefore, one of the important measures to keep the company green is to establish the successor system as soon as possible. Founder to find and train successors in the time like this in the full vigour of life, children, when you need the best body rather than the old and frail. When you are old and weak, you have a different mentality.

founder of the company’s control, there are two major mistakes. 1. You always know that you love the company better than anyone else in the company. 2. I feel I can control the decision of the company only by controlling the stock.

company basically relies on the introduction of talent, especially talent than their own, which requires the establishment of sharing all kinds of talents to build a cultural value system, but also need to introduce various types of investors, and diluted shares is as unalterable principles. Corporate leaders should rely on courage, intelligence, commitment, leadership and fair and transparent management skills to control their own companies. Under the control of shares of employees, many are minions type, it is difficult to maintain long-term development of the company.

‘s culture, institutions, and talents must take care of the future leaders of the company, become the agents of the capital, and speak only to the managers of the process

August 11th at 10 in the morning, the long rumored former YAHOO China President Zhou Hongyi will turn risk, dust settles. As expected, Zhou Liang’s business card titles are: IDG technology venture capital fund, investment partner. At the same time Zhou Hongyi announced the news, his former owner YAHOO China will also be announced in the afternoon will replace shares with Alibaba, the two time almost identical, indeed some coincidence.

switch to do risk investment

from entrepreneurs to invest, although the character Zhou Hongyi reincarnation, but still maintain the straightforward, persistent style, he said, "from YAHOO out, if I want to do a business, a lot of risk investment will chase me to investment, but I think the risk investment is more appropriate, I would like to try this challenge".

he said, in September 1st, he will be the investment partner officially joined the IDGVC international data group fund investment risk. "The business cards have been printed, and they have helped IDG meet some entrepreneurs and have seen some projects, which is equivalent to getting into work," he described his situation.

for risk investment, he said nothing strange, he said, "so many years I often reflect on why I thank IDG? Because in my most difficult time, without IDG’s $250 thousand, my project has long been dead, so the role of venture capital in an entrepreneur is rarely understood as much as I do".

he also think they do venture partners also have certain advantages: "a lot of risk investors for financing, listed are very proficient, although I don’t have much experience in terms of investment, but I’ll look at the direction of, I have my own unique vision, I start from the 6 small company, small business operation will have experience to help".

Why do I choose

but full Chinese risk investment has a lot of, Zhou Hongyi said he originally created 3721 had seen 50 to 80 venture capitalists. Why choose IDG as the start of the venture, Zhou Hongyi explained that the IDG in the domestic venture capital investment has been the most successful in this work, the risk investment fund, will let him learn more things;


, will be confused, will grow old, die, there will be various unexpected accidents, as also the founder and founder examples also meet the eye everywhere. Stubbornness, arrogance and self determination are the common failings of the founders. Belief in intuition is the cause of their success, but overconfidence, intuition and overconfidence are also the main causes of their failure.

of course, relying on one or more successors is certainly not possible, we need to establish a system and cultural security system. Because no one is perfect, it is impossible to have a system that can solve all problems. Therefore, the combination of people, institutions, and cultural mechanisms is likely to keep your company going.

most company founders nature for fear of losing control of the company, no ground for blame since insecurity, around entrepreneurs, insecurity about the future is one of the main factors of their success. In particular, the more successful founding bosses are becoming more and more worried.

The founder of The founders of


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