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on the other I have a headache problem, actually cannot be updated in time to update the station, it is unable to update an article does not exist, I find the defect of the article delete it. In this update, I think this so you can do it, but it has prompted another piece of the defect, I then delete it…

site installed, I also put a template change, also feel a sense of achievement, sense of sleep up, check the website included snapshot snapshot website found more acceptance check record amount stay at 24, I had the website snapshot is updated every day, that is the love of Shanghai included however, Google is still so friendly I article continues included without much change, perhaps this is the search engine between different algorithms, so I love Google, but no way Chinese more love love love Shanghai Shanghai I have to flow up. Now don’t update, a little disappointed, but I know the website updated: This is a normal phenomenon. But still not discouraged, I continue to send articles to continue updating the site! Four or five days later found love Shanghai not only updated but previously included in the article in decline. This is a little flustered, I think, I should be the site for too many things, always let love Shanghai cannot accept! Fortunately I backup all website content website before so I went from the new HTML page before the upload to space, I hope to love Shanghai friendly, the second day I go to see, really.

I deleted several papers I have been updated or not step for data recovery, I know this trouble, but I don’t want to go back to the original mess, I think I have time to simply start. So I reinstall the dedecms ready to start, but I there is no turn, a pity! (familiar words: bear with it, a small leak will sink a great ship) so I do not intend to use the original content. I have changed the IP space for a faster

I started to build every day online network is the default dedecms site template is used as the template, because of their limited ability to add their own do not have much time to get this template so it has not changed the template, now I have time I intend to replace your own template in July 25th. I am the first in the background data. A backup in the space to provide a site data backup. Okay, ready to work is now ready to upload the template to work, by the way I am using the dedecms5.7 version of the April number of the production site, but because I want to my site for a revolution in the July version of the installation package, the installation package to me last space, too upload the template, and then restore the data. I am very excited! Because the site, in front of me, I updated the station.

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