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if we analyze it and our business related keywords more than 3 or more of us how to layout? Why we may doubt the company will target keywords so much? In fact, compared with a product or a service for small companies, they will not spend more the money and effort on the site. The main reason is China development of the Internet is not so strong, but the Internet enterprises this is a trend, all is a company website, such cognitive skills. Do not spend big price or energy for each product or each business to establish an independent website.

search engine basically has given up on the KEYWORDS tag ranking factors, when we were in the my keyword layout need to think of keywords tags. TITLE and description tag search engine is very important, so we should fully consider the impact of title and description in the layout of the keywords ranking. At the same time, we should also fully consider the love Shanghai word segmentation technology, and to love the Shanghai word used in our keyword layout. Then through the title and description keywords naturally to what we should optimize into these two labels to.

of course, as a small company they will also do a product or project, but the one or two project one or two products, or can. But when we want to do in Shanghai Longfeng for such companies will have difficulty. Related keywords some might consider to optimize different products or services with two level domain name or a directory, this is really a good choice. But also need to spend a part of the human, often most of the company’s website is just a decoration. The establishment of good after basically will not go to the management.

when we analyze choose good keywords, the next is to layout the target keywords and long tail keywords. When we choose the target keywords 1-3 when we can go directly to the home page layout, and the stately 3 goals are written to the TITLE keyword.


              < meta name=" description" content=" Xinyang Shanghai dragon blog located in Xinyang Shanghai dragon.

here is the Xinyang Shanghai dragon keywords layout:

but if we for this website layout good keywords. Is not to management or rarely to manage these sites, and then through the accumulation and precipitation of practice. Then the search engine will also get a good ranking. If we don’t do what you think, what will we get

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