How to identify the hazards of black hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon brings

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The analysis of !

301 jump this way is a very hate black hat Shanghai dragon means. The webmaster is submitted to the search engine friendly website to the aristocrat baby, Baidu search engine website website, including inside the chain are of high quality. But he presents to the search is also a website inside unexpectedly is spam or pop-up ads.

black hat Shanghai Longfeng chain is mostly one-way connection, we all know that the anchor text is to improve the key word ranking is very favorable, so the black hat Shanghai dragon is the use of this point, quickly improve website ranking in the search engine. The most typical black hat in Shanghai dragon in the chain of the anchor text is black chain.

Anchor text

1, the anchor text chain:


in the previous section we don’t improve with the black hat Shanghai dragon website chain, the reason is because the optimization method of the black hat Shanghai dragon is search engine optimization method do not recommend, do Links with these sites, if their website is search engine punishment, then we will be involved then, the author teaches you how to distinguish the black hat Shanghai dragon


is a link farm all links a group of sites, in order to increase the PageRank and the position of the search engine. These are mostly Shanghai dragon cheating software created automatically, but sometimes by hand. Although there are too much influence these not usually, because most search engines have a known link farm base, so that they can avoid. But some do.

black chain is through technical means and website vulnerabilities, access to other site management authority, adding invisible anchor text to your site connected to the web page, so as to enhance the site

ranking!How to distinguish the black chain:

4, blog comment spam and link farms:


keyword stuffing is divided into two kinds, common is a large number of keyword stuffing in the meta tag, this kind of keyword stuffing on the page is not to see. For example, Shanghai dragon training, may write a N Shanghai dragon training, or all associated with the Shanghai dragon keywords written meta tags. The 21 is in all "written on the Shanghai dragon, this approach before common, this practice on the website is very rare, but in the Shanghai dragon forum or Post Bar also often see.

2, site 301 jump:

we can exchange connection, check the other site outside the chain using YAHOO webmaster tools, because YAHOO is the chain anchor text link, then the query, we open the site, find the black chain code in view the source code, if there is indeed a black chain code, then determine the black hat Shanghai Longfeng exchange, stop the chain of

keyword stuffingThe

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