How to attract the spider love Shanghai snapshot update

September 16, 2017 0 Comments

then is the chain of the problem, you won’t know you light update spider update, because you have deeply hurt her heart, you through various methods to let her know, so they need to increase the reverse link, the reverse link website I received only a few days later, 3 reverse link number close to 500. At the beginning, the reverse link should not be too much, overeager spider is repugnant. How to increase the reverse link? I believe that everyone should understand, there are many backlinks words easier to upgrade Google keyword ranking, I how to do 3 days 500 backlinks to share with you.

We all know that

website snapshot is 2008 last year’s snapshot of the terrorist? This website has been done for 2 years, basically do the day is not updated, so I think spiders have the stand as the dead station, which is N times the spider to your content is still not change, the spider has downhearted, has decided not to climb, unless you want to tell the spider web site updates, and start with a clean slate website has been through a variety of methods, have to the person, is no longer before. So we need to do to sum up is 2, one is every day to update the site, the other one is the chain let spider climb over to follow the chain.

I took the You need to first website titles and keywords to change

is the first Links. Where to find friendship connection? It is simple, go to the webmaster forum, and then find the latest collection of the connection post, remember to leave after reading, your web site and contact us because why? "

do network promotion, especially enterprise station promotion, if the relevant keywords in the search engine has a good ranking, can certainly increase the profit to the enterprise, and can enhance the competitiveness of the brand, so it is particularly important to search engine optimization, search engine optimization and the first step is to let the spider every day will be able to update your website, only updated daily snapshot, that have a chance on a good ranking, if your site has long been updated snapshot love Shanghai, I try the following methods, at least I tried is feasible, just 3 days time, I didn’t do fine, because I will continue to try to choose the most suitable method.

to update the site before receiving, I found the site’s name is the name of the company, just the name of the company, this is very unfavorable to the optimization of the. Then I put him into the 28 characters of the title, taking into account the love of Shanghai shows the title of the range is 28 Chinese characters, Google is the 36 Chinese characters, so the choice of 28 characters, while the title contains the main keyword and associate keywords, through the vertical bar together. While the key column reasonable appear companies want keywords, should also shows that Shanghai can show the normal range of love. The title and keyword set up later, then is updated, because have long time no update, so just start updating only 10 industry news every day, the best is original, it doesn’t have the original do false original, every day the same time update 10 articles.

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